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  1. Decided I wanted to try over clocking my ram (something I've done many times before) probably over shot it and it wont post. So I tried everything. Taking out any parts that werent especial to post. I cleared cmos tons of times. Removed mobo battery. Reseated CPU, GPU, RAM. And now I'm at a lose. It powers on a the monitor detects an out put but it just wont post. I have a b450m-a w/ 5 2600x 980 to and 32 gb ram Only thing I've noticed different in boots is if I boot with the GPU in my keyboard wont light up and if I bot with it out it will light up but still no post. Cant afford another motherboard right now but I'm fearing it died..
  2. You guys have been very helpful thank you. I'll probably end up going with that!
  3. I'm looking for an AIO gpu water cooler for my 980 ti and im not having much lucky finding anything really. Can anyone help me out? I dont really wanna spend more than $100.
  4. I've looked all over but cant seem to figure out how to do this (Without the Fuze update within the coming months) but I heard Linus talking about it in on of his new videos. Anyone know how to use an SSD for Caching.