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  1. I have an i7-8700k now and was wondering if I would gain any more fps by going to the Ryzen 3900x or the I7-9700KF, I don't know much about them honesty. The main reason I am thinking of upgrading is because I have an RTX 2080Ti and running on resolution of 3840x1080. But some games don't run as smooth as I would like them to. For example, Assassin's creed Origins on high, runs at 70-80 fps. Please let me know if I should take the plunge Thanks
  2. Hey guys, just joined and have a question! I don't know how I could tell if my GPU is being bottleneck-ed by my CPU or not. I have to mention that I am running on a 49" Samsung 144 monitor. I started thinking about the bottleneck issue when I noticed that I can't run many games at full 144 on the highest graphics like, Call of duty MWF, Red Dead II, and even Apex sometimes drops FPS, I normally get between 90-120 FPS on these games. Here are my Specs: OS: Windows 10 CPU: I7-8700k 3.70 GHz GPU: RTX 2080 Ti (Water cooled) Ram: 16 Gb 3200 Motherboard: Asus Z370-A Storage: Samsung M.2 and an ssd and a hard drive Thanks for the Help!