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  1. Ooooouch, damn, that's the most important one, as that's the one needed for gaming!
  2. I actually asked about that exact question on this forum ( ) and the answer I got was that it would not be worth all the problems it would create ( as well as few gfx cards having multiple HDMI outs)
  3. thanks for the clarifications!
  4. Aaaah thank you, the most frustrating thing for me was to have zero confirmation whether other users were having this problem or not. So sounds like trying to make this work isn't worth it. I was udner the impression optical was lame, but upon further research seems optical surround IS supported as long as it's not super highend format and I doubt netflix uses those TrueHD stuff anyway. So I guess I'll try to get optical then, thanks! I guess when HDMI 2.1 comes along maybe I will actually consider a new amplifier, this one was simple a mistake, the "midnight" "loudness" modes does absolutely NOTHING, so if trying to watch a movie while having flatmates in the house the volume difference/ranges is ridicolously annoying
  5. Yes setting to 2933 thankfully works, so big improvement over my 2400! However ideally I'd like to use the full 3200hz that I paid so dearly for, which sounds like I MIGHt be able to get if I upgrade to a faster CPU, however since the motherboard compadibility list doesn't mention anything about this particular RAM, it might not be the case. Oh well sometime later this year I will prolly need a faster CPU for unrelated reasons so I guess then I'll just have to see if that fixes it
  6. I need to get ARC working anyway because my reciever output is limited to 4k/60hz, whereas as soon as I can get a HDMI 2.1 graphics card I will start gaming in 4k@120hz, so if I want to game with the home theater then I need to get ARC working somehow
  7. Thanks for the answer, however: a) if you are talking about the TV input button on the receiver, then I've already tried that. The manual on my receiver did state that I need to enable a setting, after I enable that setting the TV button/mode gets its input from the ARC rather than the analog RCA, and then I can use the TV button/mode to watch ARC. However unfortunately it's not working. b) If you are talking about PHYSICALLY moving the HDMI cable into the "TV input" on the amp, I'm afraid there is no such HDMI input on my receiver.
  8. Wow I had no idea building a PC was so difficult that I needed that. So sounds like I need a better CPU, but that motherboard compadibility thing you sent me only mentioned HyperX HX432C16PB3K2/16 2*8GB SS Hynix 16-18-18-36 1.35 3200 3200 ● ● ● , i.e looks exacctly the same except mine is 2x16 instead of 8gb, does that mean I'm screwed? it makes no mention of the 16gb product
  9. RAM: HyperX Predator 32GB RAM (2 x 16GB) 3200Mhz DDR4 CL16 1.35V, High Performance Desktop Memory Motherboard: ASUS TUF Gaming X570-PLUS (WI-FI) ATX For AMD Ryzen 2nd/3rd Gen CPU,AM4, Should be 3200, but defaults to 2400, if I go into bios to change the profile to profile 1 then on restart it crashes a couple of times then resets the bios back to 2400. (profile 1 says 3200, profile 2 says 3000) what can I do?
  10. I have a complete home theater setup that I bought 6 months ago that is completely unused because I can't get it to work, and it's so frustrating, not just because it's not working, but also because the manuals are so vague I don't even know if it (ARC) is SUPPOSED to be working. LG C9 TV is hooked up with a HDMI 2.1 cable (in the ARC input/output) to my Pioneer VSX-532 (to the output HDMI, I've tried the input HDMI's too, but doesn't work either and it seems ARC should always be connected from output). My source is Netflix app on the TV, so I need to get the audio OUT of the TV into the home theater amp. The ARC seems to be working, since if I press the volume buttons on the TV remote they actually change the volume on the amp. However, there is zero audio. And, I can't even figure out if there's SUPPOSED to be audio, or if perhaps the ARC is so limited that it's only meant to be a way to send volume-button signal to the amp? There is a term called eARC, which is NOT supported on my amp. One theory is that perhaps regular ARC is too limiting to send audio with, that I would need an eARC amp for even the slightest of audio. But I can't find any solid information about this. Everything else is working on the home theater, so if I send a regular HDMI input for example from my computer, the sound works. But unfortunately I NEED to use the TV as the source because it's hard to send Dolby Vision video/netflix from a computer.
  11. thanks for the info, all of NZ is in lockdown but managed to find someone who could do the bios upgrade for a fee
  12. Thanks, hmm I'm so confused how I can do that withotu acccess to the bios, perhaps you mean I need to borrow/buy a compatible CPU, then upgrade bios, then switch back? I will keep trying to find out
  13. My 2013 laptop had an msata port, zero documentation but one day I decided to try it out, yep worked perfectly, only problem was that samsung msata was running super hot but it does that when I plug into desktop too so not the laptops fault
  14. x570-plus Ryzen 3 2200G 1000w power supply Trying to upgrade my computer, but it just won't start anything on the monitor and then I discovered that it's stuck on the red CPU light from booting. Google tells me: 1) Could be faulty CPU: Tried on old motherboard works fine. 2) Try a stronger PSU: Bought a 1000w, still doesn't work. 3) Try plugging in both the 8-pin CPU power AS WELL as the 4-pin CPU power: Tried (see pic), still doesn't work. 4) Try just 1 RAM stick in A2 position: Tried still doesn't work. 5) RAM faulty?: Tried in old motherboard works fine. (took off the CPU fan for this pic, but atleast on the old motherboard it works without fan so that shouldln't be it either)