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  1. sadly I dont think we have the air circulation to pull that off. I would love an SLA printer they seem so cool.
  2. Yes! that's a great idea but we already have one in the school so it would be "pointless" in the eyes of the almighty gods that control the $$.
  3. Hi guys, The club I'm in a my school is trying to expand our 3d printing capabilities and we are looking into a new printer. We own a Flash forge creator pro and its been great so far but we are trying to get something that augments our capabilities not just another printer that does exactly the same thing. Basically we are looking for something that can do something the creator pro cant do so we can have more options available to us. The budgets around $1000 US but is flexible to change and really any help is appreciated. It doesn't even have to be a 3D printer type thing just something that will help us better serve our community and let them and us make really cool stuff. Thank you, Michael
  4. Awesome!! I found some great dual core xeons with 32gb of ram on ebay for under 200. Thank you for all the help
  5. Should i be looking for xeons? Or does the cpu core count really matter?
  6. Hey everyone, I've been a long time fan of Linus Tech Tips and have in the past used this forum to answer a lot of technical questions so if like to start off with thank you guys for that. So i'm in a club at my college and we want to build a server and experiment with it. We want it to be decently powerful as we need a shop computer upgrade anyway. We haven't ordered anything yet but we have picked out a ryzen 5 2600 and a B-450 motherboard with 8GB of ram and a 600w power-supply. We want to rack mount and ideally the rack would have room for expand ability in the future. Any suggestions from the more knowledgeable on here any advice would be appreciated. Thank you, Michael Nezz