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  1. My 8gb red devil wasn't kicking it, and I got a amazing deal for the 1080 only paid $300 for it and it was brand new in the box. It was a replacement for one that just gave out and the guy just bought an entire different gpu. I also planned on upgrading my system soon but ended up rebuilding my Subaru before my pc lol
  2. I'm not sure, both corsair pumps just gave out completely I had to gut the whole block for it to work and flow since I wasn't using the pump on the inside. I even tried hot wiring the pump.in the block before I tore it apart and it was just whining
  3. A little over a year ago when I was trying to build a budget gaming pc that I could play vr on. I had bought a used corsair aio and it kicked the bucket within a week. I bought another one and it ended doing the same thing both pumps just gave out. So I decided I needed something more reliable that could cool my overclocked i5 3570k. I decided to go to Lowe's and Amazon to buy a few things. I already had radiators from the two aios that gave out and I knew the metals would be fine since they were both identical aios. Note this was also my first time ever trying to do any sort of custom loop stuff. I typically just used aios or air coolers since I gamed on console mostly I had no reason for a super custom pc at the time. The build list was $10 for hose clamps $4 for the hose nipple things $5 for a few feet of clear hose $13 for a cheap pump from Amazon that was ment for a small fountain. With the tools in hand I decided it was time to get to work. And I was very suspicious if it would even work so I fully hooked the loop up outside of my pc and set it on a white towel and let it run over night to see if it was going to leak. And to my surprise it did not. I put it in my pc right next to my Asus turbo 1080ti and boy was that scary haha. The final product kept my PC at idle around 20c and I believe around 60 while gaming with three monitors running with apps on each one. Ps. I'd love to see what you guys think of this super sketchy but reliable loop. It was much more effective than any aio I had. Itd be awesome to see this thing in a video on the channel lol