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  1. when i play god of war 2 on ps2 it looks like its double with like a second transparent layer of the game on top of the normal game
  2. ok i think i figured something out i switched to using my cam mic which has a microphone as good as my external mic so i can put my external mic away to clear some space on my table
  3. well there are some on slobs that work like noise gate suppression and gain that allows my mic not to pick up keyboard sound and suppress to keep from hearing fan noises
  4. its working its i want to add fitlers to make noise outside of my voice to work on the mic so my open mic doesnt annoy people
  5. its this mic https://www.amazon.com/FIFINE-Microphone-Condenser-Recordings-Games-Windows/dp/B01D4HTIOY/ref=sr_1_64?keywords=microphone&qid=1583046570&sr=8-64
  6. yes how do i add filters like no fans and no keyboard and quieter voice cause my mic is to loud
  7. for some reason my pc doesnt shut down when i try to shut it down or restart it and i dont know why i have to force shut it down when i want it to shut down or restart could someone explain why that is?
  8. isent that the program used to play music over the mic?
  9. on some games theres an option to have an open mic so you dont have to press a button and can just talk into is there a way to add filters to your mic like in slobs so it doesnt pick up little things like mechanical keyboards or noises fans?
  10. so is there a safe way to do all you said to get better CPU performance?
  11. just curious would it be a good idea to upgrade my motherboard bios would i see an improvement on performance if i did that?