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  • CPU
    i5 3550p
  • Motherboard
    asus p8 z77-v
  • RAM
    6gb samsung value ram @ 1600mhz
  • GPU
    EVGA SC GTX 770 4gb
  • Case
    coolermaster HAF 920
  • Storage
    1TB WD black
  • PSU
    rosewill 600W
  • Display(s)
    1x AOC 1080p 60hz 21.5" LED monitor
  • Cooling
    corsair H80i
  • Keyboard
    stock asus
  • Mouse
    stock asus
  • Sound
    CREATIVE speakers
  • Operating System
    windows 8.1
  1. hi my dad wants me to install windows 7 on his pc since hes been running ubuntu for a few weeks and he hates it. anyways i went to download the iso file from microsoft but when i typed in the key i realized my dad had bought an OEM license instead of a full version, because of that windows will not let me download the iso file. is there any way around this problem?
  2. we already did we even cleared cmos and no response
  3. ok so we did the paper clip test and psu still works
  4. im having her do it as i type this actually
  5. i made sure she did hit the switch and we have tried clearing the CMOS and yes we used a new cable (when i saw you pointed it out) and still no results
  6. she had it on a protected power strip and her power didnt surge at least she doesn't thing it did because her pc was the only thing affected
  7. hello my friend (who is horribly tech impared) is having a very serious issue with her pc that i built for her problem is she lives 2 states away and i cant trouble shoot. her pc randomly shut off during a skype session yesterday so she went to bed and today when she tried turning it on it didnt do anything ,no leds or fans turn on and the psu makes no sounds or turns its fan on, ive tried the good ol un plug it for 5 minutes and plug it back in, ive made he make sure every connection was properly plugged in i even made her try running it directly from her wall and not her power strip and now im completely stumped the day before the shutoff she updated windows and skype was throwing up that error i uploaded as an image i dont know if it could be related
  8. i have 20 hours in game 9 of those have been tweaking settings but ill keep trying
  9. seems to be an issue with pre 900 series gtx cards but even the fixed i see online for this havent helped (like the nvidia control panel 3d settings fix or the tab out fix ) i might try setting everything at low-med setting to play it (which is stupid because my rig is more than capable of running it at high- very high settings) and see how that works out
  10. it only happens when i use the igni sign it witcher 3 while in heavy combat but thats understandable in gta a game that has been out for enough time to be perfectly fixed i have constant stuttering when driving making it unplayable and online multiplayer frustrating
  11. population id halfway down textures at medium all else at high msaa and txaa off adv settings off
  12. ive tried all the common fixes but nothing has helped its just stutter galore even with medium settings and low population gtx 770 4gb i5 3350p @ 3.1 ghz 6gb ram 1tb wd black @ 7200 rpm
  13. i did indeen and yes i hope they release an update i am going to do a fresh driver install anyways to see if it helps it seems that my friend that has a 960 runs it at a 60 -70 fps on high-med settingd no stuttering while im stuck at 70 - 90 fps with the same settings but with extreme stuttering
  14. yes i have txaa off and msaa on
  15. im running a rig that is supposed to run this at high settings no problem but im getting really bad stuttering issues specially when driving and in the pause menu and it seems to be worse on single player and its not regular stuttering its just like a half a second fps drop ive tried the nvidia 3d settings thing and i also defragged my hardrive both of those helped a tiny bit but not much i already turned down shadows and textures to see if it helped but the change is minimal im running a gtx 770 ACX 4gb , 6gb of RAM, a wd black 1tb and a i5 3350p @3.1 ghz PS it recently started to stutter during combat in the witcher 3 but i think thats because of the high gaming demand of that game