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  1. Hmm had the hope it might have been a problem with Asus. Went for a Asus Prime(not again). It happened around end Jan also in my case. I played Devil May Cry 5 and out of nowhere the fans went crazy. First I thought I played by accident in 4k on my TV stupid settings keep resetting with my PC. I hear alot about Dust build up but never saw a really dusty case in real life ^^
  2. Wait that is the exact time when my card went weird. What is your mainboard? Since our systems look pretty similar. I got just a 2700x cooled by the NH D-15 and i got 2 fans more
  3. I got a complete refund on my RTX 2070(due to warranty) and got now the money at my disposal to purchase a 2070 Super instead. Since I care a lot about the acoustics I wondered about that Version of MSI since it costs 50 bucks less but got no RGB. I don't seem to find a review which answers my question. Anyone got that card by chance and can give me some feedback?
  4. I had the same issue with my MSI RTX 2070. It was called in for repair and followed up by a 100% refund(faster than repair due to Covid). My card went at 70°c 100% fan speed for 2-3s and went back to fancurve settings. Said beahviour occured frequently especially in gaming applicaions above 60FPS and over 1080p. Default were it did not occured was arround 60% baseline which is just meh if you care about accustics ^^
  5. I might have guessed wrong. It seems the fan sound wasn't coming from my GPU but instead from my Power Supply. PC stays off til monday when a new one arrives. I shouldn't be surprised after 8 years. Still not 100% certain but I am not going to test anymore until the new power supply is installed. It makes at least more sense since my GPU temps never exceeded 72c°.
  6. Sadly all they gave me was please contact your store where you baught the card, since it'S still in warranty and we will check it in our lab. The problem is I kinda depend on my PC and since I recently moved I'm a little tight on money for another few month. So getting a quick back up card is no option.
  7. Allready tested arround that. But the GPU ignores my curve and goes straight to 100%. Unless I start baseline at 60% fan speed
  8. No dust issues. I take my PC twice a year apart and clean it. It's relaxing work
  9. I am confused to say at least. MY GPU fans are going crazy in a few gaming applications(what i tested so far). It appeared so far in For Honor, The Division 2, Destiny 2, Devil May Cry 2019 Warcraft 3 and even freaking DOOM. What I don't get is that I am not even maxing out my GPU. The setting are moderate and capped in Division, Destiny and For Honor at 60fps for streaming purposes. My system: Win 1(clean reinstall) Asus x470 Prime G.Skill 16GB(2x8gb) DDR4-3200 CL14 MSI Gaming Z RTX 2070 Ryzen 2700x Noctua NH-D15 Corsair 750D NO OC except the RAM The problem: The fans go after a few minutes gaming on 100% for two seconds like every 3 minutes or so and either Asus GPU Tweak or MSI afterburner are reporting temps in the 71c° range. I tested a little with my fan curve and noticed that the fans are not going on 100% when I let them ran at 60% minimum. Which is isn't great to say at least. To top it off I never had any issues with the GPU in the last 15 month.