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  1. I most likely will need to replace case and psu depending on what case he was willing to throw in so ima try to lower price
  2. dk bout psu never stated, prolly some cheap ketchup and mustard psu, not sure bout mobo but its red and white and say GT gaming on the top left corner, im asking about the cooler rn to see. ] https://www.amazon.com/GameMax-Mid-Tower-Included-Support-Water-Cooling/dp/B083QNRXXS i beleive is the case he said hed throw in a case he didnt use because it was too big? but that was with the whole setup which i didnt get so idk
  3. doesnt say but i assume its a bad one so most likely will buy a new one. He has another case which is bigger but looks better, ill tell him to thro that in for 450
  4. its a sceptere so a more budget 144hz but still good 16 gb ram (dk speed), ssd 840 pro series WDC WD2003FZEX-00Z4SAO,
  5. dont think he willl budge for 400 it just got posted and i was first to msg, i dont think im paying shipping for 450 if i can ill lower it to 425
  6. The 144 hz monitor + 2 yr old 1070 i7 6700k build
  7. Cost: 450 Country: US Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Valorant etc. anad a bit of recording / editing Other details Um its used for 2 years off of offeruo shipping Ok so i found this deal it was like 575 for full setup, but i didnt want the kb/mouse or speakers because they looked disgusting. So he said i would get the pc and monitor for 450 the pc doesnt look that good with ketchup and mustard cables but i feel like with a new psu it will look fine. Is this a really good deal? its 2 years old will the gpu just die on me? If i get the pc and theres a majr problem with it am i able to return it? thank you for your tiem
  8. dk doesnt seem like their responding they have 11 followers, probably forgot they even put it up for sale
  9. I found a 2070 s selling for 250$ so my thought process was that. 250-gpu 250-cpu 200-ram,storage,case psu
  10. Idk i found a deal it was listed for 250 $ for an rtx 2070 super guy hasnt responded yet so im not sure how long do i need to wait for the prices u listed to drop considerabely? I thought it would be cheaper since for 500 you get the 3070 whih is similar to the rtx 2080 ti in power in my head it just made sense that it would sell for 250
  11. Budget (including currency):Not sureee (want to spend 700 smth or lesss Country: US Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: valorant cod mc etc, Other details wanna play at 144hz 1080p or 1440p but prolly 1080p ( since dont wanna spend too much on monitor either) I plan On buying used for most of my parts EXCEPT im looking for used parts that arent really that used. for example this personrs rtx 2070 s which they used for 2 weeks but went to sell because cpu bottlenecked. How much should i be looking at for each part.
  12. 1440p 144hz (Just realized If i go for a 2070 it will be 1080 p 144hz) if i wait and get a 3070 later it will be 1440 p or 4k in the future
  13. Thats what I thought I wasn't planning on getting it right now, like i said in the main thread i cant even afford that yet, im definently going to wait.
  14. Not really i was actually not looking for a small factor. I've made pc partpicker lists with the 3070 that came up to about 1100-1200 with a r7 2700x (open box for 200). my plan was a white case but not really mandatory just that my wall is light blue so black wouldht go well