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  1. Hi, are all 970 EVO 1 TB m2 SSD made in China? Will be there a difference between m2 SSD made in China vs made in Korea?
  2. Hi, I have just bought a new processor AMD 3600x and I am wondering why windows 10 system information and my UEFI (x570) show different CPU clock speed. Can anyone explain it? Windows 10: 3793 MHz UEFI: 3809 MHz Is not much that much but why it is not the same clock speed? Thanks for you help!
  3. Hi! Does the "Clean" command with diskpart (opened with cmd) reduce the lifespan of a m2 SSD? Does the quick format of disk management (in windows 10) reduce the lifespan of a m2 SSD? I have bought a new m2 SSD (Samsung 970 EVO) and did around 20 clean command with diskpart command (CMD) and 10 quick format (windows disk management). I am thinking about to exchange this drive. Thanks for your help!
  4. Ah so nothing is wrong with my Samsung SSD? Because when I changed the CSM from disabled to enabled, the Samsung SSD showed up in the boot option
  5. on the Samsung is nothing installed yet. I figured something out now. When I changed the CSM disabled to enabled, the Samsung SSD showed up in the boot option. What does this mean?
  6. - on the MP510 m2 SSD is windows 10 installed - Samsung 970 EVO is a m2 SSD, I only have 2 m2 SSD ports on my mainboard. The change between the places does not change anything
  7. Hi, i now finished my first PC with installing windows 10 on it. ? Now in the UEFI I do not see my SSD in the boot option listed, but it is listed on the IO Ports -> NVMe configuration -> Samsung 970 EVO. I can see my SSD in the Windows Explorer. Is something wrong with my drive? Thanks for your help!
  8. Amazon, I have bought a new one. Thanks man! It calms me down. But now, I have got this message twice after updating my bios to the latest Version (F11). -> Is something wrong with the mainboard? With old I meant that the mainboard is used and not new anymore. Sorry for the misunderstanding
  9. wow thanks for your fast reply! And this stuff has nothing to do that I may receive an old mainboard?
  10. Hi! I have just build a new PC, first time in my life! (puh :D). I have bought a new x570 Elite. When I first start my PC I got the message "Clear Cmos Information": Bios has been reset. Please re-config your BIOS setup items if needed. Did I get an old mainboard? Is this normal? Thanks for the help!
  11. Hey minibois and Ceannanu, thanks for your help it really was a installation mistake :OOO. Now I could installed the heatsink in the right way! Man thanks for the fast reply. I appreciate it! Did i damaged the drives?
  12. Hi I am building my first PC now and I installed my 970 EVO M2 SSD. When I want to reattach the heatsink from my x570 Elite, the heatsink does not touch my m2 SSD. My m2 SSD ist 80mm long and the heatsink is 110mm long. So the heatsink is on the 80mm screw of my m2 SSD. Should I not install the heatsink and left it out? Or should I install the heatsink with a huge gap between my m2 SSD and my heatsink. I just dont get it ...