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  1. Thanks for the help. I've looked online and I've found that HGST (Hitachi) drives are the most reliable so I'm probably going to buy one of those although they are the noisiest
  2. I asked because I'm not really a pro user so I don't really understand the technicalities. I'm just looking for good, reliable HDDs to store my media (I don't have the budget to but a nas and a pair of disk to set a backup one right now)
  3. Hi everyone, I'm in desperate need of your help beacause i'm basically a super-noob. My question is very simple and it's probably been asked many times but I could not find the specific use I want for my PC. So, I use "Plex Media Server" to stream my content when I'm out of town or simply on my TV directly installed on my pc. I don't own a NAS (yet, but I'm saving to buy one and put plex on that). In the meanwhile I need more capacity and I was looking for HDDs (8TB or more). My Desktop PC is used mainly to download and stream my content (it runs windows 10 and I access it with VNC Viewer) and it's on h24/7. Naturally i was looking for a WDRed or an Ironwolf because as long as I know they are designed to run for long periods and near other drives (I already have 4 drives in the case) but I've read that those kind of drives have different software inside and may not operate as well as in a NAS. So, my question is, since my PC is running h24/7 for Plex is it right to use a NAS HDD for my medias? My biggest concert is the durability, I'm looking for drives that can lost as long as possible while working h24/7. Thank you for your help, I hope my english was right. If you need more info just ask ?