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  1. Well I can confirm! i7-2620m will indeed work fine on Toshiba p755s! It turbos fine and performs well for older hardware! I guess that's about all I can do to this old dinosaur haha. I should have tested it before the upgrades. oh well haha. I am happy with it so far as the upgrades have at least made it usable! https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/25090028
  2. So. I got the SSD in and 8gb of ram. Man its way faster. Went from forever to boot to 18 second boot time to windows 10. Gonna do the cpu swap next. Wish me luck. Hopefully it boots lol. I cant find anyone else that did this particular cpu swap on this laptop.
  3. GM ASE master tech here.... you don't need a tech II... I haven't used mine in years. Buy a MDI or MDI2 and use tech2win with a laptop. they make china copies of the MDIs that work flawlessly. youtube it to figure out what one to buy but honestly the true blue GM MDI2 wasn't that expensive. A hell of a lot cheaper then that tech II pos was in the 90s. However if your going to be flashing the vehicle with any NON OEM programs, your gonna want to get 3rd part software like EFI live and use a laptop. You have to buy credits for each vehicle in order to flash them but that's the only way around it.im not aware of any software that allows you to use a MDI or tech 2 to flash non OEM software. If you are just looking to read and delete codes.....then yeah those cheapo Bluetooth ebay adapters work ok,
  4. well...I will let yall know tomorrow how it goes. Going to clone my HDD to this SSD tonight and tomorrow I am gonna tear it down for RAM, SSD and hopefully CPU upgrades. If all else fails I will at least be rid of this slow HHD!! I doubt I will see much difference in the additional 2gb of DDR3.
  5. It could work.... but if its not compatible with the BIOS... its a crap shoot. Im gonna update the BIOS and yolo it. If it doesnt work I will resell the i7 and buy a i5.
  6. However, I still recommend apple.... they even seem to hold a higher resell as well if that matters to you.
  7. Go binge watch a bunch of Louis Rossmann's videos. Apple kinda sucks when they do fail. Apple will not repair the logic boards even tho they are 100% serviceable, and in that case you lose your data... Once out of warranty, Apple repair centers are about worthless.
  8. Hey everyone, this is my first post so thanks for having me! Ok... yeah before everyone says buy a new laptop.... I have new laptops... I have had this old Toshiba P755-s5215 for a long time and its a tank and had been the best laptop I ever had. Its 8 years old and is still 100% usable for web surfing and youtube etc. Anyways. I want to upgrade it as much as possible, I have ordered a 500gb crucial MX500 SSD, 8 GB kit of ram to upgrade from the 6gb it came with etc. What I am curious about is if its possible to upgrade the CPU from the i3-2310m to a i7-2620m? Same socket and all. However I dont think the p755 series ever came with the i7-2620m. Im tempted to just try it but was wondering if anyone has ever done it. Im certain I can upgrade to i5 2410m, but would rather go with the i7.