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  1. Very much so... the whole thing is old! I just really wanna find a way to mod this case with like, a mini itx board or something because it's just very aesthetically pleasing to me...
  2. I just measured the dimensions against a silverstone TFX PSU- maybe with some extra modding it'd fit but it's looking *t i g h t*
  3. Hey everyone! New to the forum- thought I'd drop a few long standing questions about a modification heavy build I've been putting off but here we are. I'm kidding a Dell XPS 200 and was wondering if anyone knew a power supply that would fit in the form factor?
  4. Sidenote: on the same board is a pink 9 pin connector, will provide pictures of all notable materials here
  5. Hey everyone! I can provide pictures if needed, but I'm currently planning to mod a Dell XPS 200 case. It's badass, and I've got some cool plans for water cooling and the such, but I'm running into some issues. (A side issue, does anyone know a different PSU that'd fit in the case? If so that'd be awesome) but anyway- the front io has a board with a cable that connected to the Dell motherboard that came with it- it has 39 pins and is made by foxconn (look up 39 pin Dell io on eBay and you'll probably see it) does anyone know how I could modify this to be able to use a normal boards io?