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  1. $600-$850 is the budget I’ve seen is a great starting point without breaking the bank.
  2. Thank you to everyone for all the info. I’m excited!
  3. Hello internet, I find myself watching Linus and his minions with drool dripping down my chin cause I often have no idea what he’s saying. I love this stuff though. It is so interesting! With all of that being said, Linus has done a fantastic job of getting my curiosity peaked. I want to build a new pc but don’t know really anything about what levels of performance I need. For a first build, what should I look to for absolute necessities and what are some other specs that aren’t necessary but are good starting points for a first time pc builder. I love to game but not at a competitive level. The games I typically play are 1st person shooters, I.e. Rainbow Six Siege, Call is Duty, Battlefield, etc.... like I mentioned, ladies and gentlemen, I am completely new to this so any direction will be welcomed!