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  1. I should've been paying more attention to that part though, but I think I was having a bit of build fatigue at that point. As far as flow, from the dual revo pump, it goes out from the pump over to the bottom rad, then out from bottom rad to gpus, from gpus to cpu, from cpu to top rad with connector near motherboard, then out from rad to front/side rad top, then from that top to the front rad bottom, out from front rad bottom to the rez. There is also a splitter coming off the first rad exit that goes to a drain port in the front of the case.
  2. Oddly I don't have that available in what I'm seeing in my HWiNFO64, I'm using v6.22-4060, and I don't see it nor do I see it available for me to switch on either. Also...this and my own understanding of thermodynamics is why I'll probably keep my loop order as is for now,
  3. Yeah, got an EK-FC Titan X for the main 980 ti. And my Thermosphere's weren't / aren't doing as well, or really nearly as well as I'm sure they should be doing. I don't see gpu vrm heat in HWiNFO64, however, so not sure what they and the memory are at presently.
  4. Yeesh, ok, yeah...thank you so much for pointing that one out as well! Well there will be lots to change and hopefully lots of improve upon!
  5. Blackhat- Yes, and thank you I had configured it in Serial mode as opposed to parallel, but going to switch it when I tear it down for the full waterblock. I will be very happy and astonished actually if that is the miraculous cure all for the system.
  6. That has nothing to do with what I'm asking about. I plan on getting a new possibly two amphere cards when they come out, which now will be awhile.
  7. Title says it all. I have 1680 mm worth of Rads ( 2 Black Ice Nemesis L-Series 360 Xtreme Radiators and 2 XSPC TX480 Ultrathin Radiators) cooling a Threadripper 3960x and two (although mostly just one as they aren't running in SLI) 980 ti's with EK-Thermosphere generic VGA waterblocks. My temps for the CPU idle typically around 40, a bit lower and higher but it jumps around quite a bit. The average currently is 43.9 and when I run Cinbench R20 I can get to ~70C. My gpu, however, idles at 31C but will go to ~71 when playing a game. On the stock air coolers it would do about that, although sometimes get up closer to 80's. I have 13 phantek fans, PH-F120MP for the rads, all pushing, and one Noctua NF-P14s 140mm fan on the case push air out of the case. Earlier while playing a game I looked over and saw that HWiNFO64 showed the cpu max as being 104, and I almost died. It wasn't at that temp currently and I have no idea how it got that high during the game as it doesn't stress the cpu out like that nor had cinebench or other rendering workload tests done that. But now I'm just thinking something must be wrong. I used Thermal Grizzly and applied a thin film like shown in the instructions, but wondering if it was TOO thin? I really feel like with the amount of radiator space I have it should be doing better. Also, running the EK-XTOP Revo Dual D5 pwm. I have the pumps running at 100% because if don't the gpu gets even hotter than what I mentioned. Picture doesn't show the 140mm fan in the back of case. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. I've purchased a full gpu cover by EK that I'll be installing this week likely, and during that time I may go ahead and re-paste everything and see if that helps.
  8. I bought a used EK-FC Titan X waterblock to go on my main 980ti as the temps are only about 10C less than when it was using the air cooler, and I really am not sure what's going on. I assume either the paste application is perhaps messed up, or the memory and vrms needed better cooling and are just creating extra heat themselves? Either way with the amount of radiator space I have in the system I would have expected a lot better. If the system is able to drop the heat very quickly, I'm assuming that's a good sign...now just have to figure why it can't seem to keep it from going high in the first place. Open to any suggestions, thanks in advance.
  9. So, this is my first water cooling build. I have a threadripper 3960x which typically sees temps in high 60s on benchmarking, maybe 70 on longer blender runs. I have two 980tis, not in sli, I had from my previous build and I'm waiting on new nvidia cards to swap for my main card and continue to use for gpu rendering. The question I have is since my 980ti seems to get to similar levels of heat if that is what should be expected, or perhaps something is amiss with my thermal paste application or other factors? I have to have my dual d5 revo pump going at full otherwise if I play a game on it I'll have it sneak into the 80s or higher. I have an inordinate amount of rads, 2 360 black ice nemesis L series rads and 2 480 xspc tx480s. I, however, don't have a full 480 on the fans on one of the tx480 rads due to space issues. But, even when I have my fans going full strength they don't make a huge difference in the temperature readings. Which makes me think that perhaps the paste, thermal grizzly, is perhaps not working as well as it should? Threadripper 3960x, ASRock TRx40 Creator, 128 gb Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB ram, 2x 980ti, phanteks 719 case, corsair ax1600i psu. I should add that these were evga sc+ gaming cards w/ acx 2.0+, whisper silent cooling and backplate. So I've taken the cooler off, had to dremel a few tabs on each off to fit my EK-Thermosphere gpu waterblocks, and kept the vrm mid and backplate from the original cards. Maybe the vrms are getting too hot and causing the main gpu to heat up as the backplate isn't getting air flow? Thoughts?
  10. That's what I started to assume as well, but came to the same conclusion of being at a loss. My newest oddity is getting over 14k in R20 when I had my Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB set to default ddr4 settings from a reset of the BIOS. No xmp. If I put in xmp I get around 13.5k, sometimes a bit higher, sometimes lower. But when I hit 14,147 I was surprised and wondering why that's happening. I also noticed in HWinfo64, that the Maximum clock on my cores with the default settings and PBO enabled in bios yielded, at least at the time of the 14k R20, 7 cores hitting 4.5ghz, 1 at 4.525ghz, and 1 at 4.55 ghz. I haven't been able to get that many cores showing the ability to hit 4.5ghz on any runs. Usually smatterings of 4.4ghz, 4.425ghz, some 4.475ghz. When R20 hit the 14,147 number, it was showing 1.3 to 1.319 volts on the cores with speeds from 4,150ghz to 4,175ghz. In times after I've had it hit those same areas but not get the same results, ie...~13.5k I did benchmark the memory in SiSoft and the xmp profile I was able to get 72 GB/s vs 50 GB/s with the non-XMP settings. So, at least there the XMP is doing some good. That along with working through my first water cooling tweaks has and continues to be an interesting adventure.
  11. Really? That high? I mean, ultimately the temperatures aren't an issue. Cinebench R20 I'm going from ~37/38 C idle to ~63 C with PBO enabled, seeing clocks around 4,150mhz and scoring ~13,500pts. Just unnerving to me to have the voltage that high. I tried fiddling with the LLC properties in BIOS and still tweaking.
  12. I just recently finished my first ever water cooling build, previously only built air cooled/overclocked machines. As I'm in the VFX industry and wanting a new home workstation I went with the Threadripper 3960x, and apart from the strange, magical, and frustrating world of water cooling it has been an easy build. However, initially straight out of the BIOS gate I noticed that in Ryzen Master as well as HWiNFO64 that my vCore / peak core voltages were seemingly way high. I have since set the vCore to be 1.25 volts in BIOS which made it show up in CPU-Z and the ASRock A-Tuning software as 1.248v, however, the others still show really much higher vCores. I'm wondering what the heck is going on, and also still trying to wrap myself around dealing with PBO and overclocking with this new chip as I've been out of practice as my old computer was 7 year old i7-3370k oc'ed. Here's a screen capture as well as some finished build shots. Thanks in advance.