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  1. My graphics card needs another 8-pin and the cable that came with the PSU does not have that.
  2. Yes, I understand this but there’s a 4-pin end and a 3-pin end, then on the other eintire end of the cord is where in goes into my PSU. For my GPU, I need 2 4-pin ends thag go into my GPU. correction: when I say four pin I mean 8-pin, and when I say 3-pin I mean 6-pin, my bad!
  3. Hey, I’m a amateur when It comes to PC building, and this is my first build. I had previous problems with my PSU, so I ended up sending it back and purchasing another one. (EVGA Supernova 850W) I am seeing a problem with my VGA cords, because my PSU came with 3 different VGA cables, and none of them fit my GPU. pictures below, what ones should I put in? What should I do? Do I need a adapter or something? 60624315858__7BAAC1C3-55B7-4173-88C1-3B04E5E014A4.MOV
  4. I started the computer with these things in those plugs and it kept restarting, we waited 15 seconds before pulling them out tho
  5. Hey. My pc keeps doing this after its first boot. Assuming it’s a motherboard deficiency (Mayyybe a PSU thing?) and the fans aren’t even moving, and I need major help. anyone able to help? /: 60437205206__A93BE29F-3522-4F7D-B0B3-FE03BDB06A8E.MOV
  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been looking into this online for 3 1/2 hours now and have found nothing. I appreciate this so so much! And don't apologize for giving me the wrong info first.
  7. Oh, thanks, i figured out that part pretty fast. The part im trying to say im having troubles with is the part thats labeled as "F_PANEL" I don't understand what im doing there. its not traditional, and that thing hasnt explained it, thanks anyway
  8. I have this little connector, button can only fit small ones from my case and no other ones fit into it. It looks like this: (they don’t fit by the way, trust me.) 60435705649__E0951423-5316-4EDA-BB15-E68ACCEB03FC.MOV
  9. So I’m new to PC building, so sorry if this is obvious or something. so today I started my first pc build and the front panel configuration isn’t standard. I’ve never seen it before. Im not sure if I know how to setup my fans either. 60429877335__DFC9BF84-727F-4705-8619-240CC1E37C71.MOV
  10. Thank you, i solved it earlier and completed my build. Oh, and the problem was i wasnt pressing hard enough (I didnt want to break anything and was scared, this is my first build)