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  1. Now that I assembled the system with that combo, I can confirm that Seasonic Focus SGX-450 does fit in Fractal Design Node 202 with NO modifications required. I don't know why half of the people I asked had to remove that leg/rod which is needed to screw bottom and top cover together. Maybe there're different revisions of the Node 202 we don't know about... or maybe they did something wrong... I should also note that because of the size of PSU and cables that come out of it, there's no available space for 2.5" drive cage that comes preinstalled in Node 202.
  2. Thanks for the info. No doubt in my mind modular cables will fit. Hopefully power cable will not conflict with the case as well. It's still very controversial. I am going to order Seasonic and Node 202 myself now. I will post my findings here.
  3. Found more relevant pictures of the issue on the internet https://imgur.com/gallery/xqVMCEj. Also messaged people who made builds with the same combo. So far it's quite controversial whether or not case modification is needed.
  4. That might solve the problem. Are you sure this adapter will fit and won't prevent the case from closing?
  5. Yeah, the issue is apparently connector position for power cable on PSU. Because of this and the way power cable is routed, it doesn't leave enough room for one of these rods:
  6. Okay, maybe I don't understand something. In my original post I mentioned build with the guy stating that he had to remove one of four rods, otherwise power cable would prevent the case from closing (other builds either didn't have that issue or forgot to mention it in description). I don't own Node 202, so I can only guess. Judging by the pictures he cut this part, and I have no idea why would one cut it unless power cable doesn't fit in there.
  7. @GoldenLag Well, if you think about it, any PSU (even ATX) will fit right? Just cut the hell out of the case, and no problem.
  8. Hi. Node 202 is compatible with SFX PSUs up to 130mm long. Seasonic Focus SGX-450 PSU is SFX-L, but it is 125mm long. I found 3 builds on pcpartpicker with that combo, and in one of the builds the guy had to cut the case for power cable to fit (he states that he used SGX-500, but dimensions should be the same). Other builds did not report any issues, and I can't tell by their pictures if they had to do the same. Maybe these guys did something differently (e.g. replaced power cable)? This is the only decent (tier-A) SFX PSU that is currently available in my country, so hopefully I can make it work without cutting the case... Maybe someone on these forums built the system with that combo and can confirm that it can fit?