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  1. Thanks for that video, that's very very useful!
  2. I contacted CoolerMaster regarding it to get them to send out a new controller, as it's still under warranty. I was asking about running it all from the Corsair Commander Pro as I could then remove the CoolerMaster Fan/RGB controller entireley and just use the Commander PRO.
  3. Hey all, I've been using this case for a while now, but recently have run into some issues with the included RGB/Fan controller "shorting" and turning off the entire system. I'm not TOO fussed, as I removed the fans from it and am using a Corsair Commander PRO instead....but I was wondering, is it possible to remove the RGB connections too and have the Corsair Commander PRO run them instead, while being able to control the colors via ICUE? My board is old, and does not have a 4 pin RGB header, so does that mean I have no chance of "syncing" my Corsair Fan RGB with the case? Even if I CAN connedct them all to the Corsair Commander? Sorry if it's a silly question, just looking for someone to clear it all up as it's frying my brain a little lol Thanks Dale
  4. Thanks for clearing that up! Can rest easy now knowing it's normal lol
  5. Hey all, I recently put together a new build, but i'm a little concerned over the CPU temps i'm seeing. The build is as follows: Ryzen 7 3800X Corsair RM750X Gold PSU MSI X570 Unify Board Corsair 3200Mhz Ram Noctua NH-D9L Cooler (with stock 2000RPM fan) Gigabye Windforce GTX770 GPU (I know....I'm waiting on the new cards dropping before upgrading that lol) 3 x 140MM Intake fans (front mounted) 3 x 140MM Exhaust fans (2 on top, one rear) When idle (CPU usage between 3 and 5%) The temps range between 50-60 degrees. That's sitting on the desktop with only CPUID Hardware Monitor open. Under load, using Cinebench to push the CPU to 100%, the temps hit 85%. I suspected something wrong with the thermal paste application, so I removed the cooler and re-did that....the cooler fan is functioning just fine being only a little more than a year old. Thermal paste used in this instance was Arctics MX-4. Are these normal temps? 50-60 degrees at 5% CPU usage? I've never used an AMD processor until now, do they just run hotter? There has been no overclocking done, the case fans are on a curve that sets them to run at 75% speed when the temp hits 50 degrees and then increases from there. Just looking for some reassurance, as obviously when the computer is not sitting idle, those temps are going to increase... Look forward to hearing your responses and if I missed any details please let me know!
  6. I have a Corsair Commander PRO which has 6 x Fan connections, this was my original setup, with all 6 AIO fans plugged into that hub, but with that setup, the software wasn't picking up any fans connected to the AIO (as i bypassed plugging the fans into the AIO fan connector), How do i use the hub AND get the AIO to control them? Not too sure what you meant by RPM sensor, the Corsair Commander Pro only has 2 x USB 2.0 connectors, 4 x Temp Sensors, 6 x Fan connectors and 2 x RGB connectors
  7. Hey everyone, I've set up my computer with the Corsair H150i mounted at the front, with 6 fans attacked in a push/pull configuration. I was wondering the best way to set this up so that the H150i can control all 6 fans? As the H150i comes with a cable attached to the pump that allows for 3 fans to be connected. 3 of the fans are the stock H150i fans and the additional 3 are the Corsair SP140 RGB PRO's. I understand that I could connect all 6 fans to a fan controller or something but I would like a way to connect them all directly to the pump so that the fans register and show up when using Corsair LINK?ICUE so I can manage them properly. Would it be fine to buy 3 x 2 fan splutter cables and split each of the connectors attached to the pump? Or would there not be enough power? It seems a little strange to me that Corsair supplied everything in the box for a push/pull setup, down to the additional radiator screws, but no cable for it Thanks for your advice! Dale
  8. I took this one, couldn't get a clear image of it from the wire side facing up but it matches the diagram I showed above.
  9. Hey all, sorry to bump this up again. I had a look into doing this today, and despite what I thought about them both only using half of the available pins, it seems that the Corsair CORE uses 5...I drew a quick thing in paint to show how it;s set out. With this layout, Is it still possible to join the other 4 wires from the H150i's USB 2.0 cable? Or not possible as the Corsair Core is taking up 2 x Red and 2 x Black spaces?
  10. Funny you should mention the audio header, I noticed earlier that with my case is is an extreme stretch to get that cable to plug into the header, and accidentally managed to pull out (and probably snap by the looks of it) the blue wire from the connector....it's probably an easy fix if it works the same way as you described with the USB header, but as it looks like it's snapped I imagine i'll need to take all the wires out and strip them back a bit to be even sized again, meaning it will be even shorter and probably won't reach the header at all lol.
  11. Oh, After reading what you said, I looked up some videos and that definable seems much more doable than I first thought, I was thinking It was going to involve some soldering and fiddly little wires lol. Thanks for your advice, I'll give that a bash tomorrow!
  12. They only use half each, so I could do what was linked above and try and combine the two into the one connector, however I do not have the eyesight for what seems like it might be a rather fiddly job. It seems like buying some sort of splutter would be the way to go for me. I was having a look at This one on Amazon and must say the 1 star reviews terrified me! It's made me second guess buying one at all with talk of them frying entire systems....
  13. Hi all, I recently added some new fans to my system, 3 x Cirsair SP 120 RGB Pro's, very pleased with them! However I've ran into a little snag... They come with their own "CORE" controller, which allows for 6 RGB fans to be connected to it, great, not an issue, however...it also requires to be hooked up to a 9-pin USB 2.0 header., which I only have ONE of on my board, and is currently occupied by my H150i AIO cooler. So it's a toss up between controlling the RBG/Monitoring the temps etc of the H150i, or being able to change the RBG on my new fans. Is there anything I can buy to split a USB 2.0 header, or give myself an additional one or some kind of workaround to allow me to plug two devices that require a USB 2.0 header in somehow? Thanks and hopefully this was the right place to post! Dale
  14. Hi all, I'm in the process of building my first gaming PC, moving on up from a 2 year old ROG Laptop, and I'm at the point where I've bought everything I need for the build, but don;t yet have a monitor to use it with! I was wondering what suggestions people have for a decent (not too expensive!) 4k Monitor? I only really want one that will perform pretty well as a 4k gaming monitor, around 28" with DisplayPort capabilities (I think that's the best right?) Thanks all!
  15. With this case, the section at the bottom containing the PSU is covered by a metal plating that can be entirely removed, it;s just there to hide the bulk of the wires and make things look a bit neater. SO i suppose, removing it would better suit the 140mm AirFlow fans, but keeping it on would be better suited to 120mm SP fans. Seems i have a choice to make! When looking at fans, I assume they clearly state somewhere on the specs if they are SP or AF optimized? Thanks!