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  1. Thanks. So If I wanted 32gb's of memory I would be better off with 2 16gb modules right?
  2. Is it true that Ryzen does not benefit from having fully populated memory modules?
  3. Do you recommend a single 4tb because the speed benefit inst very important or just reliability?
  4. I was thinking about getting 2 2tb seagate barracudas and putting them in raid 0 to house all my games/random things that can be downloaded again. Has anyone done this and what are your tips?
  5. Currently i am having a blast configuring different rigs just for kicks but I have come across a discrete lack in 750watt fully modular PSU's. Is this new and or been caused by corona?
  6. puppzogg

    ASUS VG258Q

    Does anyone have the VG258Q, if so what display settings do you use?
  7. Looking to upgrade the core components of my system for around 800$ Im just tryna game as fast as possible. Suggestions??
  8. Probably a good idea. I wont be able to start making money again until late in the summer however. I am more trying to upgrade a little something right now to at least take advantage of the high refresh rate display I got until I can upgrade the rest
  9. I currently pull around 90FPS in R6 and hover at 60 in MW. Not sure whats causing it to be slow
  10. Hi everyone! I am considering finally upgrading my system that's currently running an I7 4790, GTX 970, MSI KraitEdition MOBO, and a 800watt powersupply. I am looking to run take full advantage of my new 1080p 144hz monitor and most games like MW, R6, Overwatch can't run on my system at decent graphics quality at 120+FPS which is what I want my system to do. So. Would I get a desired experience by only upgrading my GPU to either a 2070 or 2070 super? I am also planning on keeping my new card for quite a long time and planning on upgrading the rest of my system (CPU, MOBO, RAM, etc) later in the year. Any suggestions on my train of thought are widely appreciated.
  11. So bois im deciding to upgrade from my 60hz 7 year old benq boi but there are so many good looking cheep options. I need a flat out best (but not absurdly expensive) 1080p 120hz+ refresh rate monitor. Suggestions?
  12. No its a USB wireless dongle. I have tried the 2 different sets of suggestions
  13. It sounds fine when i plug the headset/dongle into my mac book tho