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  1. petarS7

    Front panel

    Guys everytime i plug my microphone into my front panel i can hear myself and the buzzing noises,if i plug just the headphones it works perfectly can u please help me?? I've done every possible solution
  2. Just downloaded Realtek drivers and the front panel did work,but the mic was buzzing and i could hear myself.Then I saw a video on yt saying i need to update the driver so I did it and now everything's back like before no drivers no Audio Manager no nothing if u can somehow I really cannot i have this problem since i got my pc please help me!
  3. When i try to connect my headphones on my front panel on the case they are not working,on the back side its buzzing can you guys help me fix it,on my laptop it works perfectly on my pc doesnt
  4. petarS7


    I don't have enchancements,and the front panel doesn't work unknown reasons..
  5. petarS7


    I don't have enhancements but the front panel doesn't work for unknown reasons.
  6. petarS7


    The microphone is in the back panel directly powered to the motherboard the green cable goes L-out,and the mic Mic (there's like a text) This happened only when i changed tables.
  7. petarS7


    Hello guys I'm new here..My microphone works everything is fine but there's buzzing noise in the backround and my voice is lowered.The cables are good,i've downloaded drivers,help me please!