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  1. Yeah i'm thinking about using my own home as a method for excess storage. the thing about that is this price can become ignored when it comes to something like FBA because you're supposed to the shipping price when you set up your pricing. i do think that can become a time consuming problem. However, amazon does streamline refunding and makes it easy as a push of a button. oh you mean theft insurance. I think if amazon lets my stuff get robbed then amazon would take the blame for it and pay me back what I paid for that stock.
  2. ahh I see. Well what my plan calls for is that I use Amazon's FBA system as a method for shipping and storing products or Stamps.com as a way to get cheap shipping and packaging. I'm not gonna have any employees, it'll just be me. The business in general will probably start out small. I'll partner with either Ingram or the Ascii group. Biggest hurdle in my honest opinion are what the rates are for wholesale purchasing because I dont actually know what they are for either group. Also, maybe this lack of knowledge of what the rates are what keep me thinking that this is still possible. Returns are dealt mostly with the Wholesaler/Distributor you're with and I think some give you some kind of insurance on faulty goods. Also what do you mean by insurance, you mean buyer's insurance or employee insurance.
  3. Is there any way you could break down the budget? Such as whats the profit margin per item, the fees, and price for bulk wholesale purchases.
  4. I want you to explain why you think this. I've seen similar comments on other platforms but said to other people. But I'd like for you to go into detail about why you think it wont really work or why I'd need insane amounts of capital to jump into this market.
  5. Well what i'm referring to is selling computer hardware by themselves and selling at retail price. I havent tried looking for OEM sellers however. I've only been looking for wholesalers. But I read you're not supposed to sell OEM if you're selling parts for Retail.
  6. Hey guys, I'm new here but I have to ask a question to all of you guys. Do you guys think its realistic for someone like me to enter the PC Retail Market? I'm personally interested in doing so because I personally like Computers and I like selling stuff to people. I was wondering if its possible to even do it though. And even if it were possible, how should should I start? Where would I even try to buy PC components at wholesale prices?