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  1. Hi All, My work PC was only built a couple of months ago, with a Samsung EVO 500gb SSD. I was sure to put all my work files and set download folders to the HDD, with the only things on the SSD being software such as Thunderbird, Chrome, etc. Windows alerted me to my surprise that my memory was full. It states that 429gb is being used by Apps & Features, however when I click on this and sort by size they do not add up to anywhere near this amount. There isn't a single app over 1gb, and only 14 apps over 1mb. (See Pics) Another strange happening, was it said I had around 600mb free. So I deleted 9gb of temporary files, refreshed and now have 300mb free! I am baffled by what could be causing this and am currently unable to do any work. I would highly doubt this sorcery is a from a hardware defect as it is a top quality SSD and I've never even had problems with cheap SSDs before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, I figured this might be the only option, but I just couldn't understand why it has worked fine on 2 other build that use the same motherboard, ram and psu
  3. Hello, so a family friend's 14 yr old son asked me to help him build his first pc for gaming. I'm very far from being a pro, but I've built 6 gaming PC's in the past 7 months and not experienced this problem before, so I'm sure some of you guys could share some light on why this is happening. I set up his computer (parts listed below), turned it on and it booted fine. Installed Windows etc etc. Restarted computer so I could enter the Bios, enabled Auto XMP profile for the 3200 mhz RAM, saved and exited. After this, upon reaching the login screen it would blue screen error every time. After 4 attempts, I went back into the Bios, disabled XMP profile, and it works fine again with no blue screen. I don't understand why this is happening, because I have built a very similar rig literally 3 weeks ago, using same motherboard, same ram, same psu, but a Ryzen 5 3400g instead of 3600 + gpu, and had no problem at all. All parts are brand new: Gigabyte B450M DS3H Motherboard with the latest F50 bios update Ryzen 5 3600 CPU Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb 3200mhz RAM (x2 8gb in dual channel) EVGA 700W Bronze Certified PSU Zotac Nvidia GTX 1660 6gb GPU I have left him with XMP disabled, he would never know the difference as it's his first ever pc, but I told him about this and am not comfortable leaving it un-optimised unlike the other PC's I have build for friends and family recently. Any help much appreciated!
  4. Thanks, that's all I need as my fibre package is around 50-65 mbs download
  5. Tenda Nova MW3-3 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System Pack of 3 - £69.99
  6. Thanks, yes I've been looking into them since you first mentioned it
  7. Thanks and yes. It says "Speed: 234.0 mbs" and keeps switching to "Speed: 175.5 mbs" and then back again. 4/5 bars on strength, but everywhere else shows it as 5/5 bars of signal strength
  8. I am looking in the properties of the wifi adapter under network adapters but can't see anything that states connection speed or phy
  9. As mentioned I'm not very literate with broadband/modems so am unfamiliar with the term phy rate, how can I find this out? Thanks
  10. This is an option, and yes it would be accepted, but she isn't a fan of my pc gaming habits in any case so I try to make my life as easy as possible
  11. Full signal when using the WiFi usb adapter on 5ghz but only 20mbs download Don't want to drill holes through walls as rented property Coax, unknown, but I would guess no Haven't heard of mesh wifi system but will look into it thanks Paying for 60mbs download which is what I get using my Phone WiFi on 5ghz channel
  12. I'm sure I could do it when she is out and she wouldn't even notice... but whether it is worth the risk or not haha
  13. Hi all, question on improving my internet speed (I'm not very technologically literate when it comes to broadband/modems etc.) I just moved house and had Super Fibre installed. Using wifi on my phone I pull 60+mbs download and around 20mbs upload as expected for the package I pay for. My computer setup is upstairs, and my better half has blocked me from tapping a 20m ethernet cable all the way through the house and down the stairs can you believe it?!! So currently I am using a TP link powerline system, using ethernet from pc into it, then ethernet out the other end into the modem. This however is only pulling around 20mbs download and 1mbs upload. I took this out and also tried a modern 5ghz TP-Link WiFi USB Adapter, but this was slightly worse still than the powerline setup. My motherboard drivers are up to date. I wonder if maybe a 2.4 ghz wifi adapter would work better going through walls/ceilings than the 5ghz, or if there is a better option than the powerline setup? Any advice appreciated thanks!
  14. Here are some pictures I uploaded after a request from another forum. I have pics of pretty much every test I did with every piece of software so let me know if a different picture might be useful, and maybe I have it! I have contacted the seller asking if he purchased it new, with proof of purchase so I can arrange RMA, but no surprise he has not responded. https://imgur.com/a/Uvpwb7q
  15. I'll definitely bare that in mind for future, that is helpful thanks.