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  1. Thanks for answering. About the CPU, the minimum spec seems to be Core 2 Duo, and I will be getting a Core 2 Quad, with 8gb ram. I'd like to try and host the server myself, and it's not like the hardware (A 12$ cpu) will be bought just for that. Might as well be used as a download machine, server, or in the living room. Regarding, bedrock, it seems that redstone is working a bit different. And I don't need the cross platform support, as we all play on PCs. If it all goes wrong performance wise though, I might give it a try.
  2. Oh, so I guess I should go for the Q9500. Yeah, I am aware of the poor optimization of newer versions, and I will surely experiment at first. Thanks a lot!
  3. It's an E4600, which scores significantly lower at single core.
  4. Hi, I recently got my hands on a Nec Powermate ML470 with a crappy older Core Duo, and I'd like to update the cpu, so that I can host a Minecraft server. I have a total of 8 gigs of ddr2 800mhz ram, and an SSD. Should I get the Q9500, which is a quad core, or the E8600, which runs at 3.3ghz, instead of the 2.83ghz of the Q9500, and scores about 300 point higher in single core, according to passmark's chart? [I don't think that OC is an option, with this motherboard that this machine have (MSI MS-7377 Rev. 1.2)]. I have read that a Minecraft Server does not utilize multiple threads very well, and I am wondering if the extra 2 cores would benefit it at all. (The server will be having about 10 people, and will not be running any mods. My internet connection is 50down/5up)