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  1. Ryzen 1400, gtx 1050ti gigabyte g1, 250ssd, 1 tb hdd WD, asrock killer sli mb, 8 GB ram corsair. 600 ps. Bought it March 2018 I think.
  2. Yesterday I was palying perfectly. Today I turned on my pc and started to not recognize the keyboard, I unplugged thinking maybe it is the USB port and switched positions with the mouse, neither the mouse nor the keyboard worked so I restarted the pc and none of the peripherals worked: headset, mousepad (rgb), mouse, keyboard. Restarted the PC again and even and the monitor didn't recognize the signal. Turned off the PC and disconnected the power cable from the power supply, then waited for 1 min and connected it to turn it on. Everything worked fine but when I opened Apex it crashed and the screen froze so I restarted and again no video output, no keyboard, no mouse, no mousepad, no headset. I don't know what to do. Please help.