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  1. Oh I accidentally missed this reply. It does actually utilise hyperthreading but the problem you have is the default FPS limiter May be turned on, it’s actually limiting your FPS based on your monitor hz (which I assume is a 140hz, if you were using a 60hz monitor you would have said 60fps). With an old i7 3770 and 1050ti I usually top out at 700fps (or 1200 FPS for the initial 3 seconds after launching the game if I really grasp at straws) just go to control panel > Nvidia control panel > manage 3D settings > program settings > choose the windows 10 version of Minecraft and turn off “vertical sync”. and your computer should absolutely blitz mine.
  2. Ah rats, yeah that would definitely cause an issue. I only run 10 because I have to thank you any way though
  3. That sounds awesome. In the Microsoft store app on windows 10 there should be a free trial option if you search for Minecraft
  4. Hey guys, yes, its a strange place to ask Minecraft questions. But the answer to my question doesn’t seem to be anywhere online. the problem? my old i7 3770 based pc is getting old and I’m looking to upgrade. I make a lot of Minecraft content and build some very large machines that requires a lot of cpu power. It’s not uncommon for me to crash my computer when building projects from time to time, and therefore need more power. why not upgrade then, Minecraft is only using 2 threads anyway? well yes and no. The java based version only uses 2 threads but the bedrock C++ version can use at least 8 threads. And unfortunately those words “at least” is the problem I have. Because I seriously cannot find any answer (even from Mojang)of how many threads it can support. Now it would be logical to assume it’s probably 8 but this was a version created under the Microsoft ownership and was even its own splash screen brags about its hyperthreading capability. Even the support of 8 threads isn’t actually mentioned anywhere and is a result of my own sys monitors. ‘the reality of the problem is that I need to build a pc that is mostly dedicated to a game with higher cpu use than GPU usage but have no idea on what the maximum specs of the software is. so why come to LTT forum? well your computer enthusiasts, and I figure if anyone has ever attempted to run Minecraft bedrock on a ridiculously OP machine, im probably going to find them here