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  1. Power supply wasn't the issue, swapped it into another pc and it was fine, also tried the paperclip test, thank you @minibois. RAM also wasn't the issue, now I tried swapping the motherboard and straight away it bursts into life. Someone must have been fried in the motherboard when the power was cut abruptly. Apparently very rare but can happen. Ordered a new one for tomorrow.
  2. I just did it there, took them all out and put them all back in, the graphics card, ram but not cpu yet
  3. No it is verry much on, but the pc shows no signs at all of life
  4. 1. It was running 2. The pins look fine 3. Nothing at all happens 4. Nothing turns on at all
  5. My dad was making a shelf, moved my pc and the power cable fell out and now it wont turn back on, please help. Is my power supply fried?