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  1. i dont have it but now im going to stick with the corsair rm650x
  2. oh thats great. so its the same thing compared to the rm650x right ?
  3. ive heard great reviews but then i saw this: so my mind is going with the rm650x should i stay like that ?
  4. i found this on aliexpress (3 fans) is it good or no?
  5. 60$ for a good cooler (i live in canada) and i dont know(i only know that i can buy arctic)
  6. i dont trust aliexpress or other chinese brand... should i trust them or should i stay like that ?
  7. Yes but the 2600 and 2700 dont come with the same cooler
  8. is the cooler master hyper 212 be rgb a good choice ?
  9. any reply appreciated thanks in advance
  10. I live in Canada, and this specific psu costs 140$ (tax included) here's my future rig : https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/MotgyYT/saved/#view=8889NG i plan to upgrade the pc so extra power is important my question is: is this psu good or bad if bad, what psu would you recommend thanks in advance