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  1. Yes this only happens when i turn on the pc. I can run windows for 8 hours. Didnt tested it longer yet. In windows it hat normal temps and boostclocks and runs absolutly stable. Even at a 30 min cinebench r15 loop. With my old cpu i dont have any Problem. Its starting every time normaly.
  2. Yes thats the strange part. When i let the IHS held in place by the socket the cpu only is detectet when the IHS is perfectly centered. Which makes sense due to the mounting pressure the cpu needs. But when i turn it off again wait a few min and want to turn it back on the cpu is no longer detected. But sometimes it works for a few days and then suddenly the cpu is not detected anymore when i want to start the pc. Also this issue only occures when i turn on the pc. As soon it is running it runs stable at 4.5 ghz all core running stress tests. An error Massage is not showing up. I only have these indicator leds which shine red when something is wrong. And the one under the cpu shines when the cpu is not detected. At least the manual says that there is no cpu detected when this led shines.
  3. So i already took my system apart again. And made a picture of the 2 rows of resisors. They look not damaged in my my eyes. But the mounting pressure seems a good reason. Because when i testet my cpu without glue between delid and reassembeling it only booted when the heatspreader was perfectly centered.
  4. Thy for your detailed answer. These two rows of resisors are not demeged or knocked of i did check that multiple times. Also the loop should be fine. I only have a clear premix in it. That there can be to much mounting pressure due to the glue is new for me. So I will try if this helps.
  5. Thy for the answer. What would be the right temp then?
  6. Edit: System: Mobo: asus z97-a Grka: asus gtx 970 strix Psu: 600w be quiet Storage: 1tb ssd/ 4tb hdd Cooling: custom loop with one 360 and one 240 radiator 40 mm thick.
  7. Hello guys I have the following problem. I bought on ebay a fully funktional i7 4790k to replace my i5 4460. after installing the i7 I saw that the temps were very high even under water so i decided to delid the i7. So first i isolated the resistors next to the die, then replaced intels tp with liquid metal. Then i glued everything with hight temperature silicon back together and installed the i7 again. Started the pc and the temps were fine and the i7 stable. A few days later my motherboard suddenly didnt detected the cpu anymore. So i took everything apart again. Delidded again. And found the problem one resistor was not isolated proberly. So isolating it again. Lm on it. Back in the pc. Same issue a few day later again. So i took everything apart again and thought f**k lm i will use normal non conductive tp again. So i cleaned of the entire cpu and just used tp. Everything back together. Yeah cpu wored again. One week later. Same issue again. So i said f**k it maybe its the mobo. So back in my old i5. It worked fine for a week. So it has to be the i7 wich is brocken. So i used a magnifier to take a close look on the i7 and couldnt find any damaged parts or left over lm. So i thought maybe baking it in the oven helps. After 30 min at 120°C the i7 worked again. 2 days later same issue. So im running out of ideas. Do you have any other ideas what could be wrong? Thy for your help Greetings CreativeHiro Edit: totaly forgot after several(5 to 50) restarts the i7 is detected again