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  1. I like it when my favorite youtubers have a crossover event, it reminds me of the 90s Spider-Man cartoon when other marvel characters would make guest appearances. linus meme at 11:45
  2. I think I figured it out, why my processor was roasting even after replacing it with a new AIO. I overclocked my processor using the bios and overclocked it using the Ryzen Master Utility. Doing both makes my 3950x a toasty boy. Setting the processor back to default in bios and using auto over locking in Ryzen Master Utility has me jumping around the 55C - 65C depending on the task.
  3. I purchased the Kraken X73 through NZXT's online store. Currently writing up an ticket with them now. I see they've released a Kraken Z73.. maybe they'll let me do a return for store credit and I'll pay the difference to upgrade since I need to rip the entire thing out anyways.
  4. Update My computer is now out of commission. While removing the pump to take a look at how the thermal paste was spread, putting the pump back on I ended up breaking the AMD standoff while I was using a normal screwdriver. I don’t consider myself the Hulk and I was only using one hand to tighten it. It was mentioned that I should shake the radiator and listen for a shloshing sound, I didn’t hear any of that. No sound came from shaking it. While the computer was up and running, I did see the RPM of the pump fan increase and decrease so I assume that was working. The motherboard is the ROG Crosshair VIII Formula. The pump was plugged into a USB 2.0 header and AIO header on my motherboard as indicated by the instruction manual. Time to contact NZXT. It was a pain in the butt getting that radiator installed and cable managed. Not looking forward removing it and putting a whole new one in (assuming NZXT honors their warranty).
  5. I haven't built a PC since the 3770k was released. I just finished building a new computer with a ryzen 9 3950x and a Kraken X72. I was having a heck of a time trying to figure out why my computer had an maximum frequency of 3.8 GHz, assuming it was something in the bios. It ended up being the AMD Ryzen Master software that put the limit in place (now at 4.5 GHz maximum). I ran it both trying both the Game Mode - Precision Boost Overdrive and Game Mode - Auto Overclocking; however, I'm seeing idle temps of 160F and maximum temps of 215F+. Did I install the Kraken wrong? Should I really be seeing these kinds of temps? I have everything inside the NZXT H710i with 3 fans in the front, the radiator mounted at the top, and 1 fan in the back. I'm wondering if the thermal paste that came preinstalled on the Kraken is garbage or if the pump isn't making good contact with the processor.