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  1. Hi all! So I'm finishing up a build in a Dynamic XL and need advice on a "strange" fan config I was planning. I'm going aircooling with a Noctua d15s and the following casefans: 3 fans bottom intake 3 fans side exhaust 3 fans top intake So I know most people would say exhaust should be top of the case but I'm curious if there would be any issues with this setup? I'm not a "fan" (pun intended sorry...) of having the middle fans as intakes. Isn't the distance between the middle fan mount and the back of the case to large to be sure that the airflow will be directed through to fanfilter there? Or am I overthinking this? I'm aiming for possitive air preassure in the case to reduce dust buildup. Cheers!
  2. Hi, I'm buildning a small gaming pc and am worried that the Corsair SF600 won't be enough to power the system (no oc). Parts: 7700k gtx 1080 ti Samsung 960 pro 512gb Samsung 950 pro 1tb 2x WD Black 3tb Will the sf600 be enough? Thanks!
  3. Ok, and tahts fine with me as long as it will work So the only reason Asus is recommending using the 1 + 3 pcie slots for 2 way sli is to be able to run at 16x pcie 3.0? It thought it was a must to get the cards working at all..
  4. Ok so the only difference will be the bandwidth available (8x vs 16x)? I wasn't sure that it was possible to choose freely among the awailable pcie slots..
  5. Hi everyone! I have a strange question that someone maybe can help me with.. I want to use a high end aircooler on my RIVBE since my AIO just gave in. But the first pcie slot is to close to the cpu socket for a cooler with big heatsink. So I am wondering if it is possible to use the 2:nd and the 4:th pcie slot for my sli configuration instead of slot 1 and 3? This would free up space for my heatsink. I know this is really stupid and that the bandwidth will only be 8x but I don't think that would limit my gtx 780 ti anyway.. So do you think this is possible? I'm thankfull for any thoughts on this! //D