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  1. Which one is better overall ? Gaming? Image quality? Refresh rage?
  2. So I can't seem to choose between 32 inch and a 27 inch gaming monitor so I need your guys thoughts on how to make this decision. On and before I finish I have a 32 inch TV which I use as a monitor cause my old monitor died and I uses to not have money for a new one The games I'll be playing LoL, R6 siege, doom, csgo, total war Attila, gta 5, facry 4 5 6, battlefield V,
  3. I'm using this monitor or planing to at least I'm unsure because one stores sells this monitor at 2399 while others at 3499 which is weird
  4. It's a old next phantom 410 And yes I am considering 9900k It's just 1 gpu
  5. For clarification the gpu is the asus double fan not 2 gpu
  6. So I would like to ask your guys opinion on this build b4 I buy it. I'm from South East Asia some parts are from amazon and the rest I'm getting from a local retailer so here it goes. Oops before I forget I use this rig for gaming a little video editing and browsing Cpu: Intel 9700k Gpu: Asus dual rtx 2080 O8g Mot:Asus rog maximus x Ram: corsair vengeance rgb 16 GB Psu:corsair rm 1000x 1000w gold Ssd: Samsung 920 evolved plus 1tb Hdd: western digital black 6tb Things I haven't decided on CPU cooler: artic liquid 240mm cooler Monitor : undecided probably 27 inch Case : probably reuse the old one nzxt 410 Hope to hear your thoughts and all tq