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  1. okay, so there is sata data, and then there is sata power... i was up until this point only familiar with the type of sata you get from the psu
  2. Hi Im a first-time-builder. I have a question about SATA ports on motherboards... What is the purpose of them? I tried searching around and found that they are used for connecting HDDs and bigger SSDs, but is that their only use?
  3. Would a normal splitter be good enough for an AIO and a corsair node core, or should I go for a splitter/hub with its own power connector?
  4. ooh alright! didnt know that about usb... Ye, its for an AIO and the corsair node core. Im guessing the power consumption of an AIO and 3 fans could be thought of as extensive for one usb2.0 header. Should I in that case go for a hub/splitter with molex or sata?
  5. I always wanted to build an itx pc. Ive been buying components slowly, and now i finally got everything i need. For my bday, I was given a corsair AIO and a 3pk of corsair fans. They were not exactly my first choice, but i dont want them to go to waste. The thing is, both those components need usb 2.0. I would be ok with rma`ing my current mobo, but cant really find another itx/dtx mobo with two usb2.0... aah thx, will be checking out newegg
  6. ye thats my plan b. I just have some reservations due to some threads on other forums saying that a usb 2.0 header wont support two devices... Do you know the name of these motherboards?
  7. Hi Does it exist a motherboard, either ITX or DTX, that has two usb 2.0 headers?
  8. Alright! Thank you! Guess i just needed some reassurance.
  9. Hi Posted a similar question earlier. I had basically found two sets of ram sticks that were similar in every imaginable way, apart from the fact that one of them said it was «amd ryzen compatible». I was advised to just go for the one that didnt specify any compatibility because it was more likely to work with both amd and intel should i choose to switch in the future. My build is amd based btw. My ram sticks just arrived in the mail and the first thing i read on the box is «intel xmp certified». I know this referes to overclocking the ram in the bios... but i just have to ask. Are these ram sticks compatible with an amd build?
  10. Would the combo of ryzen 7 3700x and rtx2060super be subject to bottlenecking?
  11. Hi I got a corsair h80i v2 as a gift and wanted to give it a try despite the questionable reputation. My only question before doing so is if the pre applied thermal paste is any good or adequate atleast? Or should I clean it off and apply some myself?
  12. Ye it seems to be the way to go. Thank you for your help!!
  13. Good to know! Thank you for your helo!!