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  1. I have my eyes on AKG K72 Close-Back Studio Headphones , I managed to arrange about 20$ more . So i have around 70$ (5000 INR) for headphones , if anyone have a better recommendation lmk.
  2. unfortunately they dont deliver to india
  3. I have spent my whole day looking for headphones asking friends and honestly I have gotten so smashed with different opinions I havnt gotten anywhere on deciding which ones to buy
  4. This has caught my attention , im not headphone geek (almost no knowledge) but it says studio headphones and i mostly play CSGO/Valorant/Rust mostly FPS games and hearing footsteps is a priority for me are you sure these headphones meet my requirements.
  5. these headphones dont even pop up on amazon. I think these are unavailable. Im from india btw.
  6. Seem like these are unavailable for me unfortunately.
  7. Im looking to buy Headphones for myself , I currently use earphones and I mostly do fps gaming. So keeping that in mind im looking for a new pair of headphones and honestly i cant decide which ones to go for since i have always used earphones. I have 2 headphones in my list which im probably thinking of buying which are : 1) HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset (Black) 2) Corsair HS50 I would straight up buy corsair hs50 if its microphone was better , i have seen its mic tests on youtube and the bass is low. I would like to know if you have any better suggestions for me ! or should i go with HyperX ? Let me know ! Edit: Added 20$ to my budget
  8. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts , I also really want to buy peripherals as well , I didnt even buy Fall Guys because i wanted to save every single penny if i was gonna buy a cpu. If anyone still strongly things i should go for cpu/mb or anyone who wants to share their opinion pls do!
  9. As i mentioned "(rarely only in 10% of situations)" , it only bottlenecks only some specific conditions , for example in Witcher 3 , if i had medium settings i would get 70 fps with 100gpu usage and cpu with around 70% usage , but when i up the graphics to Ultra , due to my CPU bottlenecking my gpu with cpu all 4 cores being 100% used and gpu with 70% usage. This happens in some rare and specific situation and honestly it doesnt bother me much. But just the feeling that my full potential isnt seen due to my cpu made me wanna upgrade my cpu.
  10. Budget (including currency): 240 USD Country: India My current PC specs : CPU: Ryzen 3 2200G GPU: INNO3D GEFORCE GTX 1650 SUPER TWIN X2 OC MB: A320M-S2H RAM: 2x 8 GB DDR4 3000Mhz Corsair Vengeance HDD: 1 TB Toshiba SSD: 120 GB PSU: Cooler Master 450W Peripherals: Monitor: LG Ultragear 24 inch , 144Hz , 1ms (24GL600F) Mouse: Intex Mouse and Keyboard combo 400 Keyboard: Intex Mouse and Keyboard combo 400 Speaker: Dont even know , about 2$ worth random speakers Heaphones: None , i use earphones mousepad: non existent (cheap ass mousepad) So that is everything I believe. Now what im confused is that I wanted to upgrade my CPU and my motherboard , But i'll need to save another 100$ since i wanted to buy Ryzen 3600 and B450 motherboard. It would take me months to save for that and because im saving money im not upgrading my peripherals. As you can see i dont have gaming headphones/mousepad/keyboard/speakers plus i dont have a proper desk/table or a decent chair. Now you know my situation I want opinions on what i should approach for should i upgrade my current CPU/MB or my peripherals. I am slightly leaned towards buying peripherals a desk/chair with my money , since my current processor is decent nothing is wrong. But my CPU bottlenecks my GPU (rarely only in 10% of situations) otherwise its perfect. Let me know what do you think !
  11. Hellow everyone , I am in a pickle right now I am planning to buy a graphic card for my build which is: CPU: Ryzen 3 2200G MotherBoard: A320 S2H Gigabyte HDD: 1TB SSD: 120GB The problem is that the 2 graphic cards i have finally chosen are either RX 570 or 1650 Super (RX 570 is about 20$ cheaper than 1650S) , I have seen multiple videos and websites and found out that my CPU will bottleneck 1650S in some cases whereas RX 570 would be a perfect. But if i go with 1650 S it is a newer gen gpu and much more efficient , I would upgrade my CPU in future if i go with 1650S. I would love your guys opinions and thoughts on this