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  1. Hello everyone first of all it's my pleasure to join here Ok I will go through the topic I am in between 2 monitors to go with ∆ LG 22 mk430 IPS 75hz 5ms ∆ Benq Gw2270h VA 60hz 5ms They both have big discount on my country (Kuwait) the LG is $99.00 And the Benq is $85.00 I'm looking for monitor My using is 70% gaming but I am not competitive gamer I am regular player and I only played on 50-70fps I actually liked the LG for 75hz and ips but unfortunately I read several bad reviews about the LG users complain about some issues ( Flickering- green lines - ghosting when choose fastest response mode) and 2 users say they have eye strain after 1-2 hours of being in front of the monitor -and in the other side benq I don't find real complain about it So I am very confused And I don't know if the Benq is also cause eye strain or not Benq said on spec (("with Eye-care Technology" TÜV Rheinland CertifiCertification)) ---------------------------------------------------- so I don't know,,, should I go with LG and take the advantage of IPS with refresh rate of 75hz or Go to the Benq with VA and 60hz And most important factor for me is" the Eye strain" , which one is have less eye strain VA or IPS ? need your help and advice please,,,, thank you in advance for help