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  1. I have an old ASUS Strix Directcu ii GTX 970, which I want to reuse with my new build, at least until the Nvidia 3000 series cards come out. So I started dusting it off, pulled out a few screws, one thing led to another and the whole thing had to come apart, because I couldn’t put it back together again. Thankfully, I managed to lay my hands on an even older 670, so my new ryzen PC is running on that for now. This stupidity aside, I need some good advice on repasting and reassembling this 970. The following are pictures of my heat sink and the GPU chip with my attempt to remove the old paste. 1. Is this paste removal good enough? As you can see, there is still some old paste remaining in between the pipes of the heat sink, and on the components surrounding the GPU chip. Do those also have to go at any cost? 2. For the thermal paste, I have some NT-H1 remaining. Can I use this for GPUs, or is it not recommended? 3. The factory paste application was all over the chip and the surrounding components. Do I also have to do the same thing for the repasting? 4. Also, you can see a pretty big "ding" on one of the heat sink pipes. This was there from before. I don’t know what to do about this.
  2. I just got all the parts for my new PC (A Ryzen 7 3700x, Strix x570-E motherboard etc.). Unfortunately as I was inspecting the stock cooler, I scuffed away some of the pre-applied paste. I then decided, for some reason, to just apply new thermal paste. So I wiped away the remaining paste. But now, the thermal paste I ordered is stuck in shipping and will take at least a week to reach me. So my question is: Can I just put together all the parts for 5 minutes, just to see if the build passes POST. I don't plan to install any software. Is this dangerous, and will it void my warrantee? Edit: Since I'm pretty poor, I've decided not to YOLO and risk more than $300 of my hard earned cash. I was just too eager, so thanks for holding me back guys.