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  1. Hi guys I think that I did something on my pc because the motherboard rgb and also the aio cooler rgb turns off when I turn on the pc. BUT when I turn off my pc, the motherboard rgb turns on again. I have an Asus prime z390a Aio cooler ROG Ryuo 240 Everything started when I've installed the armoury crate from Asus website (due to controll the ryuo 240 monitor and also the rgb
  2. So, just to know, which is a pc build that need a 750w psu? In a future (using a corsair 650w) can I upgrade my Intel? Can I add stuff like Ssd M.2 and some more stuff like that?
  3. Is it enough also to Overclock my 2060 super and the processor?
  4. I won't go higher than 80€ honestly I live in Italy so € would be the currency And I don't have any manufacture preference but a modular/semi modular would be better And what if in a future I want to upgrade my i5 9600k to a nice i7? And one more thing, I think that I'm gonna Overclock the cpu and also the gpu. Is it gonna need more Watt?
  5. Hi guys I'm completely confused about choosing the right PSU and the better quantity of Watt I'm about to use these components: Motherboard: ASUS prime z390-a Intel ATX GPU: NVIDIA Rtx 2060 super 8gb (maybe with OC) CPU: Intel i5 9600k (maybe with OC) RAM: x2 Crucial Ballistix 8Gb DDR4 3000MHz CL15 (16GB) Case: it's useless to specify the case but it has 4 RGB Fans. x2 USB port 2.0 / x1 USB port 3.0 Don't have any DVD or something like that My first choise was an Aerocool lux 750w which have a great review on Amazon but not that much on other forums So pleas, help me somehow ?