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  1. Hello all, I am curious as to why some of my drives have repeated partitions and others have Healthy (Recovery Partition) on them. Just for looking nice purposes, I would like to delete some partitions, but not sure if that's the best thing to do. I have attached a screenshot of my drives and there partitions. E is a Sata SSD and C is a nvme drive. D is a HDDm Thanks,
  2. Hey guys, One of my friends got a pre built and I offered to upgrade his CPU and GPU. His current specs were i5 4440 and a gt 730 with 12gb of ram. I swapped the i5 to an i7 4790 and the gpu for a GTX 750ti. Everything booted, tested it out 5 times. I asked if he wanted more ram and he said sure so we swapped his 12gb (4x2 + 2x2) to 16gb (4x4). This is what made it not boot. It first went to the Dell logo and the loading bar was progressing and then it randomly shut off, I was touching the cooler at the time not sure if that caused it or coincidence. I was also touching the cooler in the 5 tests mentioned before. Now the computer does not boot. I press the switch and the fans spin and then turn off. I did the Dell power test with the switch in the back of the psu, and all components power on. I checked the voltage of the CMOS and it's ~ 3 V. I checked for any bent pins and they all look good to me. I removed the CMOS and theoritcally did a bios reset. Not sure what else to do, is the motherboard bricked? I tried various ram configuration (with old ram that worked) and no good. I tried no ram installed and still same behavior happens. I have attached a video of what happens below. Thanks VID_20200401_180317.mp4
  3. Yeah I have tried Safe mode and I verified my game cache files in Steam
  4. Hey guys, my Red Dead won't launch. It just automatically exists from the Rockstar games Launcher. My setup is an i7 9700k and gtx 1070 with 16gb of ram.This error comes up: Thanks