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  1. Thanks guys. Now for budget what would you say about buying lower speed and higher timing and OC it and tighten up the timing IE cheaper RAM?
  2. Ok so I'm so incredibly lost when I'm doing my research on ryzen and ram. Like most people I want to be able to get the most bang for my buck with what ever I purchase. But after watching Linus' video on AMD and ram speeds effect on the CPU I'm totally lost. He talks about the timing vs the overall speed and I think one compensating for the other. And then about the infinity fabric. Which one should I prioritize (speed vs timing) when picking? What's infinity fabric and how does it play in? This is pretty much the last component that I need before I finish my build and I've been working really hard on tuning this build. So thanks ahead guys.
  3. So I purchased a used ASRock b350m but it has thermal paste on the socket. What's the best way to remove it safely without damaging my mobo?