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  1. Yea... My Main monitor (144Hz) doesnt have a DVI connection spot so i can't check or switch cables. And my motherboard (rtx 2070) dont have spots for 2 HDMI. So i am stuck with the current setup i have right now. ill just have to buy a DP cable. Thx for help guys
  2. It worked to switch cables, but will it the DVI cable work on my other 144hz monitor....
  3. Were i bought it it says 144Hz and people that also bought the screen says: "it amazing the difference between 60 and 144hz" Etc etc.. Same happens on 100/120Hz too
  4. I fixed it. I got a 2070 using DVI, HDMI and a DP I just to goof around the display settings on windows.
  5. When i switch my AOC 24" gamingscreen G2460PF from 60Hz to 144hz it start blinking on and off every 10 seconds + Purple/green ish static noise. I got a DVI cable connected to the monitor to a RTX 2070 GPU.
  6. Want them back to monitor 1,2 and 3 not 1 and 2|3... sorry
  7. you guys know how to fix this? https://gyazo.com/e45b7dfe47a55a13fbfa93490e8afefb
  8. Try to change the resolution of the monitor. I got a problem when i switch my Screens to that should in theory be 144hz to 144hz it's starts spassing out with purple *noise* And blink off an on.
  9. I currently got a Internet cable connect to my PC and also a Wireless connector to my second wifi. So the cable goes to Router A and the wireless one go to Router B. https://gyazo.com/1f461b89ccab529023291937045bc15e
  10. is the half life game meant to be played in VR? cause i'ver only tried VR twice and the games i played wasn't any third person type games?
  11. that would work fine as the CPU got 8 cores so it's pretty good for a budget build, but if you going to render huge things i would suggest to get a 16 core or better CPU. But if you are a new beginner and just learning about 3d modeling it will do just fine. and the setup if you also like to play games as it will run pretty much all games.
  12. I would wait with VR tbh as it's kind of new technology and by next year or a 2 it will be something much better in terms of frame rates, mobility etc for cheaper. And it's not so many games that you can play VR on. (it is but not meant to be played with vr)
  13. I'd go for 5600xt Cause its better in all catagories except the age. MSI is a good bran and if you can buy it for cheaper it would totally go for it. It may be cheaper because of Corona virus but probs not. https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/AMD-RX-5700-XT-vs-AMD-RX-5600-XT/4045vs4062
  14. I went for a 2070 as almost every single new game will have raytracing (even minecraft) Am a person that also cares about how the game looks, not just the play mechanics. But as Cyberpunk, gta 6, flight simulator is coming soon they most likely have Raytracing and it would look incredible...