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  1. my pwer management mode is set to prefer maximum performance
  2. im sry i shudve replied earlier, i totally forgot about this forum as i posted the same problem in several other formus,actually my gpu is at 40% and cpu at 25% and my temps are around 45-50 degrees celsius and ive updated everything,bios,all drivers and even reinstalled windows
  3. its speed was advertised as 3200mhz but i have it set to 2933mhz
  4. hi guys, i have a gtx 1660 ,16gb ram(dual channel)at 3200mhz,600watt psu and a r7 1700 and i play fortnite competitively at 144fps and i figured my fps drops and stutters must be a result of low gpu and cpu usage ,btw ive updated every driver,my motherboard's bios and re installed windows but its still the same.My gpu usage is always around 40% ,my cpu is at 30% and the game only uses around 2.3gb of my ram, i want to get the most out of these and i need ur help to fix these issues.
  5. #1 I play fortnite competitively, my pc's specs are decent, however my game stutters like hell, it drops to 20 fps, and sometimes i can notice input lag .my cpu is always at 40-50% usage and my gpu is always at 20% usage, all temps are good. pc specs-16gb ram @3200mhz ryzen r7 1700 evga gtx 1660 msi tomahawk b540(motherboard) i have the latest drivers and i tried both dx11 and dx12. please help me