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  1. Just loosening the cooler screws but that didn't do anything. It was the case the issue
  2. For those who might experience something similar. I got new QVL ram and did not helped. I called asus and their "troubleshooting" is a joke. You are better off searching online for solution. Their troubleshooting steps are to check the QVL for the ram, cmos reset, change ram slots and tell you the motherboard is bad. After hanging up I took another look at the cables etc. And unscrewed the heatsinks a bit based on a online comment and it worked! But in reality that didn't do anything as I had unplugged the usb cable that came from the case panel. It resulted that the circuit board on the panel is shorted out! To discard any possible issues with the motherboard I took it out of the case and everything worked including the incompatible ram!!!. Sharing my experience in case it can help anyone else
  3. No luck doing it the clean and dirty way. Do you think is like asus is saying, not a compatible ram since is not in their QVL?
  4. uploaded a vid. Red dot is the CPU and Orage dot is the Ram
  5. Hi everyone! I just finished my first build but Im having issues. Everything is running but it stuck in a reboot loop. Once I press the power button it starts, the CPU light turns on, then the PC shuts down and boots again, this time the CPU light turns on and then the DRAM light turns on and after a few seconds it shuts down and reboot and keeps doing this in a loop. I called ASUS and they are telling me its because the RAM is not in their QVL. I was thinking of going to best buy tomorrow since they have one set of ram in the QVL before returning the wrong thing. Any ideas? anyone running the same setup? any steps I can do to determine if I have a bad mobo? I re-installed cooler and cpu based on similar issue found on my google search but nothing. Also tried changing ram slot, and booting with only 1 ram (each) and nothing MOBO: Asus Z390-E Intel i7 9700K Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB (cmk16gx4m2b3200c16)