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  1. Ok so if i buy a processor from Ryzen for like 300 dollars would it perform better than a processor for 300 dollars from intel?
  2. Thanks I will check that CPU and Motherboard! But is Ryzen better than Intel?
  3. Yes i need at least 240 fps stable, bcuz im playing fortnite competetively.
  4. Hi, So I got a RTX 2070 graphics card in christmas present and I tought I would get like 400+ fps in all low settings in fortnite, but im only getting like 180 stable fps. I have: i5 7400 RAM: 16 gb HyperX DDR4 Fury a old asus motherboard a old powersupply but it still works fine. Good air cooling system in a h500i case 1240 tb ssd I think I need to upgrade my processor but idk what I should upgrade to. Please can someone help me. I have a budget around 500 dollars.