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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4-3200 C16 16G Kit
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    MSI Radeon RX580 ARMOR MK2 8G OC
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  1. Hey! I am new to Ubuntu, and I don't really know how to get good in it. However, I found that they do not detect my mic on my headphone. They use the mic on my notebook instead. I wonder if installing Realtek Audio Driver can help, but I cannot find any? Can anyone help me to solve the problem or provide a link for RAD on Ubuntu? With much thanks.
  2. This is the video decode, as I remember.
  3. According to Microsoft support, it is caused by a hardware error. I suppose that is caused by your new graphics card. You know, 50-50. Try the method above. If still doesn’t work then good luck RMA-ing it.
  4. Why not, just to be clean enough to install the driver.
  5. I want to get myself a M.2 SSD for faster system boot on new machine, and I find that Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500G (850HKD / 109.64USD / 87.52GBP / 100.38EUR) and WD Black SN750 500G (755HKD / 97.39USD / 77.72GBP / 89.18EUR) are both at a sweet price for me. (Well actually not) Which should I get? Mainly use for system boot and loading games (around 8GB)
  6. Yeah, I never update to the latest version of driver, until my forum said no problem about that.
  7. Well, we called AMD Drivers as PROBLEMO here, because of it's weird bugs and stuff. If you can refund your new GPU, do it and buy Nvidia cards instead. Better driver. I regret buying RX580. Although the value is good, I really hate their drivers.
  8. I have searched on internet, and it turns out that it might be some problems with your Win 10. And I did can found these files in my system. (Attached file) Maybe you can try to add the dll to the same directory as mine. Doesn't know if it works, but it worth a try.
  9. I think 7700K is going to handle 1440p good enough... 8 threads, still decent nowadays.
  10. As @Bombastinator mentioned, OS reinstall also seemed good to me. Also, you can try to install older version of AMD drivers, such as 20.2.2, and upgrade it later on. Would probably help you.
  11. True. Only MSI B450Ms and X470s, ROG also support but only C7H.
  12. I asked a customers support yesterday on an online shop yesterday, and they said most B450 motherboards support 3000 series Ryzen out-of-box (no BIOS update needed before using 3000 series). Anyone know if that is true? sorry for the image quality. I edited it in my phone.