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  1. Thanks yeah I had thought about going this route but didn’t see enough info on performance outside of blender to go for it.
  2. Thank you for your suggestions this is extremely helpful. Now to try to fit it all within my budget ;). Cheers!
  3. Hi, I am looking for help/suggestions on a new build for ArchViz using UE4 with a full real-time workflow using ray tracing. Budget: ~2000USD GPU: 2080ti CPU: AMD Ryzen 3800x or 3900x? Memory: 32GB ddr4 3600 or 64 ddr4 3200? Motherboard: Msi tomahawk Max Power supply: 650 watt gold Case: NZXT H510 ssd: evo 970 1tb m.2 sdd &1tb sata ssd I currently use a laptop with a 2070 which works but the workflow isn't very smooth. I am thinking of moving to a desktop to get the performance I want. This would be my first computer build so any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. My main question is the value of more cores for UE4 and if the jump from the 3800x to 3900x would be noticeable? My workflow does contain some CAD work in Revit and 3ds Max which would benefit more from the CPU as I understand it. Another question was regarding ram and if speed or size should be prioritized? I've been struggling to find material on a build for this particular workflow using fully dynamic lighting with little to no light baking.