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  1. Disk shows in disk manager but i cannot do anything Fail in i/o device
  2. I need really help with this im stuck like 3 days on it. All ino in video. https
  3. I have just sata ssd to boot from, and when i boot the hdd is loaded just in Windows disk manager and i cannot do anything etc. Create partition.
  4. So i bought new hdd segate something. I have 2 options:Ahci or intel RST in my MB When i use AHCI my mothererboard wont show my hdd but in Windows disk manager it shows up, but it cannot do anything like crate partition etc. [Error in i/o device]says Windows And when i switch to intel rst it shows up in bios, but it wont boot, and it wont boot even from usb Errors: driver pnp watchdog Or. Inaccsesible boot device Mb is gigabyte B250
  5. I dissconected molexes and it work wtdF
  6. I started downloading games then my hdd shuts down, i taught that its died, so i bought a new one witch started spinning and no detect, my ssd is detected fine
  7. í wanna run Mc server to play with my friens, i have done everything what was in tutorials: port forwardind, firewall allow and all the tings but i still cannot join server from another pc :/ it didnt work even if i turn whole firewall off. other settings in server should be good. There are my portforward settings and firewall: https://ctrlv.cz/JCWM https://ctrlv.cz/uqVR
  8. Hi guys, just quick help I have asus f756u and it has usb c port I wanna buy a usb c to hdmi cable, couse my hdmi port died after 2 years on constant pulging in and out but it isnt a thunder bolt port, just a SS port Will it work, thanks for response Fabian Kapko