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  1. No I can't it just stick on that screen
  2. Hello everyone, today In the day I turned pc to play some games with my friends. My monitor and my pc was connected to an 1000 va ups. Then while I was playing I noticed thunder In the sky. So I was thinking to turn off my pc not risk it. Within 2 minutes of that thought sparks came out the back of my ups my pc and monitor immediate turned off and the light on my ups went red. I immediately turned off my ups and pulled the plug out of the wall. Then I let all my parts sit for an hour. Then later the an electrician came and he saw that the plug was working the ups came on and and was giving power, my monitor came on. But my pc refused to turn on. I verified that the pc cable was working but to note it didn't have the third pin to ground it. Then I cleared the cmos, it didn't come on. Then my friend suggested to hit the psu on the back once cz that made his power supply come on once. So reluctantly I tried that and to my surprise the RGB came on the power led came on. But the computer isnt moving forward from the boot screen. Then I cleared the cmos once again just to make sure and again the same thing. Then I just powered off the computer and haven't tried since. I bought the pc from a local store which assembled and help trouble shoot the computer for no extra cost then the components. But I can't take the computer to them due to the lockdown and may not be able to for another 10 days atleast and would prefer not to go due to the pandemic. So should try something more but am I at any risk of further damaging the computer and if yes what can I do PLZ HELP. Edit: Thanks everyone who tried to help but after removing the CMOS battery all my components seem working fine and after half a hour stress testing the pc didn't crash but, my ups isn't holding any battery back up probably took the hit of whatever happened.
  3. Recently I tried my overcloking my "Gigabyte Geforce Rtx 2060 Windforce OC 6G" (rev 2.0)(dual-fan) the core went to 2050 mhz nothing crazy but I steadily kept on increasing the mhz(or whatever) on the Gddr6 mem(micron mem) and it went to 1200 mhz anything above it would immediately crash I only ran furmark & heaven and it didn't crash. Is this normal & do you think it's safe to run card at these speeds.