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  1. yes! the grey label one... or i cud get the cx550? which tier shud i go for? keeping in mind value for money
  2. Im in india and here SSDs are priced almost double.... we get half the capacity for what a person pays in the US. I got mine from the US for around 100$ 5-6mnths back I agree about the GPUs! i payed around 520USD for my 2060 in march 2019. I called up ASUS, MSI, gigabyte ....Companies wont honor warranty if i dont purchase from indian distributors.. was stuck!. Thats the world i live in m8 About the PSU its a Delta electronics unit...back then sounded like a good unit for the money and has served me well.... should i get the cx 450? dont want to harm my new stuff just for a few bucks. uh yea the 3700X is 385$ here
  3. Please do explain the questionable and omg why ? I didnt mention the board as it doesnt matter .... its the gigabyte b150m d3h anyways
  4. Sorry for the confusion guys... i didnt mention that i already own these parts - MSI RTX 2060 gamin Z, PSU - Antec vp550 v2, SSD-970 evo 500gb, 16gb(8x2)3200mhz corsair RAM, 1TB HD+ 2TB HDD, i5 6600 on a gigabyte b150m d3h Its just the just the cpu and motherboard im upgrading I heard that new gen consoles have cpus close or better performing than the 3600X... thats why i jumped up to the 3700X Purchasing CPU now and I am planning to use my gpu for the next 2-3 years. Am i on the right upgrade path?
  5. i already have the 2060.... got it when it launched an year back. Currently on an i5 6600(NON K)(bought when skylake launched). just the cpu and motherboard im upgrading
  6. I use this for mainly for gaming and occasional rendering(single frame).Going for 3700X over the 3600X just for future proofing.... want to use this CPU for at least 5 years. budget is not an issue.Am i making the right decision? or i should save money and go for the 3600X GPU - MSI RTX 2060 gamin Z, PSU - antec vp550 v2, SSD-970 evo 500gb, 16gb(8x2)3200mhz corsair RAM, 1TB HD+ 2TB HDD
  7. I think you meant the extra 4 pin XD.... the 8 pin(4+4) is the norm According to what i researched IN 99.9% cases its PLACEBO. the 8(4+4) pin can deliver more than 300 watts to the CPU. Just wnated to confirm
  8. Wudnt be able to return it once iv bought it....need a sure answer ? Other parts - GPU - MSI RTX 2060 gamin Z, PSU - antec vp550 v2, SSD-970 evo 500gb, 16gb(8x2)3200mhz corsair RAM, 1TB HD+ 2TB HDD
  9. Im upgrading my cpu to ryzen 3700X and motherboard to msi b450 pro carbon AC.... PSU is antec vp550 v2Is it necessary to connect the additonal 4 pin connector to the board after the (8-pin) connector?my PSU doesnt have that connectorAccording to what i understand.... the The 8pin power connector is rated to deliver over 200 watts to your CPU. I dont think the ryzen will draw that much power in 99.9% cases..... and im not even planning to OC.The additional 4 pin connector is not required right? The system will be stable at loads right?