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  1. Yeah I was looking into Chromebooks and 2nd hand, I'll have a look online and locally.
  2. Hello all, My current laptop is dying (battery, disk, WiFi card and more), so I'm looking for a replacement. My budget is pretty cheap, ~£300. I'm not looking for anything super good, don't have many major requirements except some small / expected for most laptops: x86_64 Architecture (CPU) Can run Linux (Arch / Most) I'm not going to run Windows (if it comes preinstalled I'll mostly likely uninstall), I prefer Linux (Arch mostly). I was looking around at new ones and found the Lenovo V145-15AST. It looks great, my only concern is the AMD A9-9425 CPU only has 2 cores, but the single threaded performance / clock speed seems to be pretty good at ~3.1GHz. However, comparing my current laptop's CPU, the A8-7410 (4 cores, 2.2GHz), the overall performance (and of course single threaded) seems to be better (Source: UserBenchmark). In general it seems to be better than my current, storage is smaller but it's an SSD unlike my current one. Just wondered if any of you could see any downsides with this one, or can think of a better laptop / deal? Thanks.