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  1. We used the rack with 3 video editors and 2 separate photography teams using it as an ingest and main edit server. Everyone complained about speeds during the entire process from ingest to post. Yes this will be more of an ingest for the editors to work off of quickly. As for the M.2, I just want to know if I will get any detrimental effects from using them. I heard from a friend when they used ssd caching in a different nas that they had negative performance. I was planning on putting the M.2s in a read only config, because reads are a bigger concern to me than writes. I know the writes will be fast enough because writing will only happen 2-3 times in a day.
  2. Hello everyone I was tasked with getting a NAS for our video editors. Currently we are using a Synology RS3617RPxs as our main editing as well as long-term archiving storage for Photography and Videography. This unit has 24 8TB and 12 12TB Iron Wolf's in it. We have 2-3 video editors who will access the NAS on average with a peak of 4. The footage we will be working with is 4K ProRes 4:2:2. All the computers are 10GBE capable and the network infrastructure for 10GBE has been established. This NAS is mostly just for editing purposes. The footage will be dropped onto the NAS, the editors will create the videos, then the footage will get offloaded onto the Synology My thoughts on a NAS was a QNAP TVS-872XT, with 8 2TB Samsung EVO SSD's and 2 Sabrent 1TB NVME SSD for cache all in RAID 5 or 6. Is this sufficient for what I am looking for, and will there be any issues with the config?