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  1. Looks like it was in the End the PSU was the culprit, the original overheating problems did seem to make the issues worse but they didn't go away till a decent PSU was installed.
  2. So just to add to the mystery, i'm back to adding overheating into the mix. I just took the 980ti apart for some cleaning and discovered its last owner had attempted to swap the thermal compound and did a horrendous job (massive sections of the die were exposed). Looks like the thermal compound that came with the CPU didn't spread evenly either. Both have been swapped over to Kryonaut and the temp drop at idle was more significant than i'd expect: Idle Previous / Kryonaut CPU: 48-56 / 35-42C GPU: 55-60 / 38 - 40C Room Temp: 22.4C Have to do some testing and see if it was a weird overheating issue, but a new PSU is on the way just in case.
  3. Just the GPU but it is a factory overclock, i previously had to power cap the card when it was in my old rig (An HP ML10 v2) so i'll see if that makes a difference. nothing is thermal throttling yet, i've just gotten my Thermal Grizzly paste so the plan is to swap out the CPU paste and tear down and clean the GPU. I'm looking at the Corsair SF600 as the PSU replacement.
  4. I've been banging my head off the desk recently trying to troubleshoot this build, hopefully one of the more experienced PC builders can help here. Its is my first custom build since the Phenom II X4 launch days so i'm not 100% sure what i've missed. The PC barring the GPU is all new components and passed stress tests (AIDA, FurMark) without blinking but now I've started having random crashes with different Artefacts on the screen ranging from Going Orange, checkerboard and just Off>Reboot. Sometimes it then refuses to boot until its been fully powered off at the wall for about 10 minutes, other times is just boots back into windows. Troubleshooting done so far: PassMark 3D - Scores good and in expected ranges AIDA64 - Scores good, no crashes FurMark - No crashes Win10 Memory Diag - OK. BIOS update Nvidia Driver update Windows 10 Latest updates rollback. All PSU Connections re-seated Given this only seems to be after playing a game or the system being on for a while, i'm suspecting a Overheating issue or a bad power supply. CPU: Ryzen 2600X (Stock Cooler and paste) RAM: Corsair Vengance PRO RGB 2x8GB @ 2666Mhz Board: Arous B450 M GPU: MSI 980Ti Gaming 6G (Stock cooler and paste) HDD: SanDisk 500GB SSD PSU: Aerocool 500W Integrator Modular (suspect this is the problem) Temps: CPU Idle: 40-50C | Games: 60-75C GPU Idle: 50-60C | Games: 70-80C What consistently causes a crash: Leaving it on overnight running a download manager Running games: Two Point hospital 99% of the time triggers a crash on exiting the game, TransportFever2 is intermittent.